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6 January 2004, 12:33:46 +0200
From: Stavanger, Norway
I need some help!!
Im trying to instal the first edition of red alert on my pc.
But the computer keeps giving me the message.
"Your computer is currently running the windows 5.1 edition, this is a windows 95 game only."
is there any place on the internet for me to download the game.
Or in any way do something with the cd, to make it "friendly" for all kinds of windows editions??
Or maybe install the game in some different way???
This is my absolute favourite game of all times.
So any help what so ever is really appreciated..
My e-mail adress is
7 January 2004, 00:42:05 +0200
Tekno Raver
14 January 2004, 01:45:34 +0200
El Banjo
From: Oslo, Norway
The best RA page ever, I learned a littlebit and found a lot of cool stuff...
Anyway, I run windows XP and wonder if it is possible to play a LAN game, I asked at the official westwood tecnical support page, they said that it isn't possible because blah...blah... something about a protocol... Do any of you know a trick or something?
14 January 2004, 18:54:29 +0200
Birgit Schreiner
From: Saarland, germany
Hello from Germany
You have a verry nice page
15 January 2004, 10:19:31 +0200
From: Germany
One of the best RA-pages i ever saw!
Know i can play RA like in the good old times in LAN.;-)I have Xp too and RA works.
16 January 2004, 18:48:36 +0200
Great site, keep it going!
18 January 2004, 04:07:03 +0200
From: Elgin, USA
This one of the few sites left which has dedicated itself to RA! And it is a fantastic site at that! Please don't let it go by the wayside as so many others.
19 January 2004, 20:49:48 +0200
From: Prague, Czech Republic
Can someone help me with LAN game under WinXP. I have patched my game with WinXP patch but LAN game is not supported in this game. Thanx for your answer. Lachtan :-)
19 January 2004, 20:53:42 +0200
From: Prague, Czech Republic
I have entered bad E-mail adres. Real address is:
Thanx :-)
20 January 2004, 01:08:06 +0200
Cain Azrael
From: Vancouver (2010 Olympics!), CANADA!!!
PLEASE, for the LOVE of EVERYTHING, never ever shut this site down! I just noticed that poll and it scared the $HIT out of me! There truly play the oldies even with advanced cr@p like Generals out. Hell, retro gaming is on the rise! Why else would they be re-releasing everything from the old FF games on Playstation to Zelda I and II on GameCube? RED isn't a better RA1 site out there (I've hunted all over), and there are TONS of us who still ALERT SHALL NEVER DIE!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!
20 January 2004, 04:21:26 +0200
From: Bathurst, Canada
Man, you guys got a great site here, but whered the fourm go? i can't register westwood chat for some reason and the fourm was helping me....NOW ITS GONE! post somthing to help me please
20 January 2004, 21:25:59 +0200
From: UK, UK
This site rocks, Thx for all your help (Don't shut down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
21 January 2004, 16:22:58 +0200
From: Glasgow, Britain
Great site. Has to be the best Red Alert site on the net.
24 January 2004, 20:29:10 +0200
From: lagos, london
keep offfffffffffffffffff
26 January 2004, 20:34:19 +0200
Great site, don´t even try to shut it down... Get a forum for it though, it could reactivate a Red Alert 1 community!
28 January 2004, 18:01:45 +0200
From: richmond, usa
Hey, We need a new place to play red alert, gayspy just aint cuttin it. Where do you guys play ra at? westwood? we need to bug the hel out of smpm ( and
oh well, ra is dying. They probably wouldn't do anything anyway.
30 January 2004, 10:26:34 +0200
From: Grand Rapids, USA
Awesome site! I still play RA1 on my Windows 98 laptop, but have been having trouble getting it working on my Windows 2000 pro system. Does anyone have advice for simulating a Windows 95/98 environment inside Win2k? Email me at
1 February 2004, 01:03:01 +0200
GREAT SITE!!!! DONT SHUT IT DOWN!!!!!!!!!! I can also see that u put minialert and fullalert(full game) to download in your site, which where i got my copy from, its great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the best CC redalert site in the whole world, even better than my REDALERT2 site!
1 February 2004, 11:43:07 +0200
Thanks for keeping up the definitive source on RA1 open and updated! I play RA1 all the time on my LAN and having a place to go for patches and news is a great help.
1 February 2004, 14:44:53 +0200
Rüdiger Müller
From: Germany
Great Site about Westwoods biggest success.!
I love this site.
Keep it UP!
2 February 2004, 00:15:11 +0200
hey, i think i see an error because i come to this very often and sometimes there fullalert next to mini alert and somethere isnt? why?
3 February 2004, 03:57:38 +0200
Yeah I do say, sometimes there is fullalert(full game) of redalert and sometimes there isnt, its like changes evry day. I'm wondering why? anyway awsome site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Best REDALERT site ever in the history of man kind!
3 February 2004, 18:41:41 +0200
From: Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada
I Miss RA1 alot! i miss MPLAYER! i miss T2, I miss Zombie, Seemeplayme is gay(the site is all changed around now, and the RA forum is gone =( )
This site is really nice, definetly keep it up!!
5 February 2004, 09:09:41 +0200
From: USA
Great site, i just found it a couple days ago, does anyone know where i can get westwood chat, email me, if not, i will be going home soon enough so i can pick up the cds from home. keep up the work, RA will never die
8 February 2004, 21:29:37 +0200
Keep up the good work! The full game download is awesome.
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