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9 August 2003, 17:54:24 +0300
Simon S
From: Pörtom, Finland
Cool site! Ra is one of the best games i have ever played.
16 August 2003, 15:55:29 +0300
Adam Y
From: England
This site has everything!Not even when red alert was new and fan sites were two a penny was there anything on the net as good as this!
18 August 2003, 13:51:52 +0300
From: Finland
RA is very good game!! I downloaded all the maps, missions and soldier updates.. You must create more news soldier, please....
Thank You!
19 August 2003, 21:23:25 +0300
From: Chester, England
Your website is brilliant! Love your selection of downloads, and stupid as it sounds, I didn't realise Red Alert had a skirmish mode until I read your site
1 September 2003, 11:28:40 +0300
From: Canada
Great work done at keeping the Troops moving. Thanks
7 September 2003, 03:06:07 +0300
From: Pancevo, SErbia and Montenegro
You are the ste ñòå
11 September 2003, 04:22:50 +0300
From: Chicago, USA
Great page! Glad to see that people out there still love RA, Keep up the good work! :)
13 September 2003, 15:10:17 +0300
Chris_113a AKA iAmZbest
From: Paris, France
RA is forever the best Strategy game !
29 September 2003, 13:41:56 +0300
From: essex, england
big up da wicked RA archive
30 September 2003, 11:00:33 +0300
From: Not, Telling
I've been visiting this site for so long, yet I never signed it is.
5 October 2003, 12:09:27 +0300
private krankenversicherung
I really like your site! It's very informative! Keep it up!
5 October 2003, 21:27:14 +0300
From: Danville, USA
I really like your site but it would be helpful it you got some tutorials on editing Red Alert
7 October 2003, 00:48:00 +0300
9 October 2003, 21:24:43 +0300
From: london, england
you guys are truely skilled if you can make a website as good as this it is perfect for my gaming needs and i am proud to see you are still adding to it thank you so much for all the mods and conversions theyre were quite enjoyable keep it up and by the way dont buy the posh act i am a very skilled RA strategist and iam looking forward to meeting people like you in gamespy arcade
anyway thanks and well done
12 October 2003, 13:25:07 +0300
Dark Yojimbo
This is a really good site that looks like you have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making. This site is a great help for all the people that play RA still, and I have never seen a site like it for any C+C game before.
Well done, and keep up the good work!
14 October 2003, 01:34:56 +0300
might as well sign...great site! Looks like u put a lot of effort into it!:D
14 October 2003, 18:24:18 +0300
ALRIGHT! I found this page yesterday. Red Alert really means a lot to me and seeing that I am not the only one who still enjoys playing this splendid game really makes me glad. Red Alert is my one and only favourite game.
I love your site, I just got Red Alert to run under win XP, with network. Me and my friend keep playing the Maxi maps.
THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!! :)
16 October 2003, 10:11:08 +0300
hello its me again can you chaps give me a shout if you find a way to download aftermath or counterstrike or at least small versions like miniRA very useful by the way all my freinds are using it to play now and they still cannot work out how it could be so small
anyway lookout for them add-ons and
its the only good RA site left!!!
good luck
17 October 2003, 11:27:22 +0300
could someone tell me how to run my own lan under winXP? i ve read it's not possible, but theres got to be a way
17 October 2003, 17:58:51 +0300
From: GBG, Sweden
Hi! I just wanted to know if there exists a patch that makes RA1 playable on Windows XP?
18 October 2003, 00:40:37 +0300
its me again, i ve just made it. for anyone wishing to play RA in LAN on winXP, here are the correct settings:
Network Connections--->Local area IPX/SPX/NETBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol(install if you dont see network number 00000001
Adapter Ethernet 802.2
Network Number 00000002
on other pc:
Internal network number 10000000
Adapter Ethernet 802.2
Network Number 00000002
25 October 2003, 16:36:11 +0300
This is one of the best remaining sites that house stuff about Red Alert 1... even though the game is ages ago!
Keep it up,!
26 October 2003, 07:24:29 +0200
Rufat Eminoff
From: Ekaterinburg, Russia
Just wanted to say that your website is AMAZING! I was browsing the web just for fun, to have a look at some good websites as it helps me in work. Well, I'd be proud to have a website like yours - its very useful and well-designed. So go ahead, and continue to make the web better!
28 October 2003, 08:15:19 +0200
From: USA
Great site for a great game. Good work....I'm looking forward to checking in and seeing whats new.
3 November 2003, 10:20:50 +0200
robert sand
From: los angeles, ca., USA
Great site, Love to surf the cool features you have... Keep up the good work!!!
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