This section contains the best single player trainers avaible for Red Alert.

HOWEVER, I would like to point out that I DO NOT condone cheating of any kind. If you do it against the computer in a Skirmish or mission game then the only person you are cheating is yourself. If you cheat in a multiplayer game against another human then you will probably become one of the most hated bastard...

To use these files:
Click on the filename of the file you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive.Unzip the contents into a directory using PeaZip utility which can be freely downloaded. Find and read the readme file for any extra instructions. Usually you should just click on a file called Install.exe or Setup.exe

Dos Trainer 19 kb
This trainer can increase building speed, credits, etc... Works with original RA and only under MS-DOS! Download

RA Money Patch 11 kb
This patch gives you 12000 credits in any mission and in Skirmish mode too! Supports Aftermath! Download

Final RA Trainer 163 kb
This trainer is for single player games only. It supports RA version 1.04. You can't play with this trainer on Westwood and use this trainer against your friends as it does not modify the winsock packets. Only for Win95 RA versions! Download

Super RA Trainer 25 kb
The best RA trainer here! Works with versions 1.04, 1.08PE & 2.00. Only for Win95 RA versions! Download

Counterstrike Trainer 268 kb
Unzip the trainer and run it! I guess you can figure out how to use it! not? Well just run RA95 (Red Alert CounterStrike) and alt-tab out! Then press the Button and alt-tab in! Only for Win95 RA versions! Download

Aftermath Trainer 27 kb
Cool and most useful Trainer for RA-Aftermath! Only for Win95 RA versions! Download

RA Trainer +8 231 kb
This thainer gives you: Money, Max Power, 0 used power, Instant build, Full map reveal, Instant special weapons, Inf health and ammo. Only works with RA v2.00! Download

RA 3.03 Trainer +2 409 kb
A trainer for 3.03 version of Red Alert. Can be detected as malware (false-positive) by some antiviruses. Archive password is ra4ever. Download
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