This pages contains the information available for the Soviet characters in Red Alert.

Josef Stalin
Josef Stalin more ruthless and devious then Hitler himself well thats if he ever existed which due to Einstiens change in history. He did not live to do the ruthless things we know today instead the Soviets have moved in with Stalin as there leader. Stalins goal is to succesed where the Romans failed his goal is to secure the whole of Europe as one mighty United Soviet Nation. He is played by Eugene Dynarski.
Kane Kane is Stalin's right hand man but as always has some very devious tricks up his sleves. In Red Alert it explains how the Brotherhood rised and how GDI was formed but now that Red Alert and Tiberian Dawn are on different story lines. These explainations don't really mean anything anymore. He is played by Joseph D. Kucan.

Gradenko is the most incompedent of them all his statistics are way off and he is quite a fool. He is always at war with Nadia trying to out do her and prove to Stalin that he is the supreme commander. But however this does get in the way of his work and slowly eats away at his progress. He is played by Alan Terry.

Nadia is Stalin's right hand women and personnel assitant which I can tell you is very personnel. Anyway Nadia has her own intentions in mind although loyal to Stalin and very good with statistics. She does have her own intentions on how the Soviet Empire should be governed. She is played by Andrea C. Robinson.

Georgy Kukov
Georgy Kukov theres not much to say he is the Commander of a Soviet Base in Berlin which is about to be taken away from the Allies. After the conquer of Berlin Kukov is sighted much more often he does not inform Stalin of everything. Which could lead to a quite lethal death if he is not careful he is also quite secrative and seems to have teamed up with Nadia. He is played by Craig Cavanah.

Vladmiral Kosygin
An atomic scientist working for the Soviet Union, but loathes Stalin's ethics and defects to the Allies during the course of the game. He is the first to alert the Allies of Soviet nuclear missiles and instructs the player to destroy them.

A high ranked Soviet military commander and mentor to the player. He only appears during Red Alert: Retaliation. After the final Soviet mission in retaliation, Topolov retires. Unlike the other Red Alert Soviet military personnel, Topolov is not scheming or manipulative, instead acting friendly towards the commander. He is played by Alan Charof.
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