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14 March 2001, 07:24:33 +0200
From: Bodoe, Norway
I really have to say that this is the best RA site ever,but you might want to add more RA2 downloads..
23 March 2001, 14:55:39 +0200
Red Comrade
From: Russia
Great site!!! Donno what to say cus mi english is too poor. KRUUUUUTTTTTOOOOO!!!!!!!!
27 March 2001, 07:42:40 +0300
From: Battle Creek, USA
Great site.Like the cheats and downloads.Keep up the good work!!!!!
30 March 2001, 13:09:44 +0300
From: Toronto, Canada
Nice site. I tried RA2 and TS and they both can't hold a candle to the original RA.
4 April 2001, 08:51:33 +0300
From: Wichita, USA
GREAT site, best I have ever been to!!!!
4 April 2001, 08:58:11 +0300
From: Wichita, USA
What does everyone play...Soviets...or Allies?
7 April 2001, 02:52:43 +0300
From: swansea, wales
the best!!! site out of a 100% i will give u 100%
8 April 2001, 17:25:49 +0300
From: USA
Excellent website with great resources. I wish I had found it sooner. Keep up the great work!
13 April 2001, 01:04:56 +0300
15 April 2001, 07:45:31 +0300
From: US
Excellent site! Glad to see some people still care about RA! =)
16 April 2001, 09:23:22 +0300
You missed a Bug/Cheat. If you have the D-Day map , and you are playing it. When you build light tanks, the really are tesla tanks:)
20 April 2001, 02:21:12 +0300
From: Melbourne, Australia
Your site f*cking kicks arse!!!!! It has everything I need or will evre want!!!!!!
29 April 2001, 18:34:45 +0300
David Babka
From: Atascadero CA, USA
Your site is cool!!!!!!!!!!!!
2 May 2001, 15:47:15 +0300
Your website is the best ANYWHERE im so glad there is one good RA site left dont take this site down! PLEASE!
6 May 2001, 16:44:49 +0300
From: ?, ?
why, it's a grest site man!!!!!!!!.
do you know what happend to incredible alert?
9 May 2001, 05:22:35 +0300
Anthony Levitt
From: Swanley, Kent
Cool Site! I wonder where u got the editors? In any case can you please, please, help me find all of the files for the Map manager to open it.
24 May 2001, 19:05:40 +0300
Great Site, good to see that the old games still have the credit they deserve (RA is one of the greatest i've played, and that was back in the days of DOS and 66mhz PCs)
28 May 2001, 10:43:58 +0300
From: Joensuu, Finland
Cool site. Would you put some more downloads?Does anyone know what happened to incredible alert??
3 June 2001, 08:20:58 +0300
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18 June 2001, 11:38:36 +0300
From: Petah-Tiqva, Israel
I like Red Alert. This cool site!!!If you know russian please come in my site.My site the cool gallery screenshots from game red alert.
23 June 2001, 11:54:25 +0300
From: -, Australia
This site is cool and this is coming from a red alert masters mouth it the best site I have been to if you can tell me a better site email me. I bet you wont because this is the best keep it up.
My site is about Dragonball Z and its cool but only just started I hope i can make it as great as this site!!!
6 July 2001, 15:00:34 +0300
From: UK
Your site is f*ckin' great, dude. The only thing it needs is some building and projectile RAL files. I can't find those anywhere.
7 July 2001, 14:22:49 +0300
Rocky McRock
From: Toronto, Canada
Great site!
i finally found what i was looking for cause every other place didn't work
looks like you got a lotta good stuff on this site keep up the good (and fast) work!
7 July 2001, 19:36:01 +0300
Bryan E. Timm
From: Gibson City, United States
Great stuff doesn't need anything else
8 July 2001, 19:50:18 +0300
From: holiday, florida
the best red alert web page out there.Thanks
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