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10 February 2004, 17:16:23 +0200
well done guys great website but unfortunatly i cant download any thing.
11 February 2004, 08:15:04 +0200
Tom Henson
Thanks for the good information -
Best regards - Tom
14 February 2004, 14:20:55 +0200
From: England
Great to see an RA1 site still going.
I'd just like to point out that the guy who wrote the why RA sucks article is the biggest looser in the world. Games aren't meant for realism, we have the real world for that.
15 February 2004, 20:01:01 +0200
From: United States
I really like your website. It's rich in information and very well done. It makes me miss the game even more which I can't play because I have Windows XP. I really wish Westwood would release a patch that would allow you to play the original C&C and RA on XP. I mean, I just don't think Generals has the depth. Sure, it's graphics are nice, but it's just so boring.
Anyway, keep up the good work.
17 February 2004, 19:58:19 +0200
Very nice site you got here! I'm just recently playing RA1 again and boy, is this still the best game ever! Thanx for this nice site!
18 February 2004, 06:31:39 +0200
From: na, USA
thanks _MUCH_ for all the info and utilitys. This site has saved me loads of time.
rock on.
19 February 2004, 03:53:05 +0200
From: Aurora, USA
Wow! I almost cried when I reinstalled RA and realized I had to D/L the patches again. Sure, I could use GameSpy, but the line was about 2 hours for a measly RA 303 patch. I typed it into Google, and was amazed to see an RA1 site come up in the top ten! This site has saved me a LOT of time, and has also has everything I remember getting from at least a dozen sites about 5 years ago.
19 February 2004, 14:09:06 +0200
Tony Lindström
From: Valkeala, Finland
I can belive... this site is so coooool...
good downloads and another good stuff...
thanks for this great site...
21 February 2004, 11:32:16 +0200
Red Alert 1 still rocks!
But does someone can tell me why the network game button doesn't show up in the FULLRA download? It DOES show up in the MINIRA for some reason.
27 February 2004, 14:09:45 +0200
From: Singapore
Red Alert has never been better!
Can u start a forum?
4 March 2004, 17:02:07 +0200
From: Toronto, Canada
excellent site man :)
When do you think the audio and video files will be up again for download?
6 March 2004, 00:45:03 +0200
Dan Magnusson
From: vaggeryd, sweden
Very nice site...
did just just dust off my old RA 1 cd`s today
7 March 2004, 10:56:52 +0200
From: Byo, Zimbabwe
Cool site. Though the links for downloading capaigns are dead
8 March 2004, 10:07:34 +0200
Pancreas Jones
From: Toronto, Canada
Best darn site I have seen; ever! There is so much content to browse through (here at work), yep that's right "Websense" doesn't filter this site. Don't know it was done but keep it up.
Maybe, if you don't already, branch into other C&C games (RA2, TsUN,...)
Here comes the boss.
P. Jones
9 March 2004, 10:36:24 +0200
Heia Tufte
From: Grimstad, Norway
Where the **** can you download RA1 full version, compatible with windows xp?? I've searched everywhere with no results, and the game isn't sold in the stores anymore! :(
Please, please, please help me with this one! I so badly want the great game!! Btw, this was a great RA1 page!! ;)
11 March 2004, 18:22:06 +0200
From: ss, ss
...have you tried in Ebay?
Ah...nice site.
13 March 2004, 14:28:06 +0200
From: hengelo, netherlands
13 March 2004, 17:59:28 +0200
From: Ås, Sweden
Hi! I like your page for Ra1 it's really good.
On cool thing is that in the town I live they do
still sell the orignal Redalert!
14 March 2004, 04:30:58 +0200
From: atlanta, ummmmmm....
RED ALERT IS BEST GAME EVER SOMONE SHOULD MAKE A NEW ONE (SAME STUFF) BUT WITH BETTER GRAPHICKS!!!! RED ALERT WILL NEVER DIE....but the company that made it did he he cnc well miss you*takes a moment of silance
16 March 2004, 11:40:12 +0200
From: NY, USA
great site great site great site great site
17 March 2004, 05:48:33 +0200
From: Sydney, Australia
Fantastic site, love MiniRA, pitty the forum is gone, hope RA1 lives on forever. But maybe we'll need a 64bit version in the future :(
17 March 2004, 16:10:51 +0200
From: dk, dk
I have REDALERT, but where the fck i can download this westwood chat? ... I cant find my cd's ... is it possible to leech it somewhere?
Nice Web! u should make a mess board here!
18 March 2004, 04:56:54 +0200
Jai Chana
I love RA Archive. Everything I could possible need. But where is FullRA? I keep seeing ti and then i don't!
23 March 2004, 17:16:31 +0200
Glad to see this site getting updated!
Has anyone made MiniTS yet? and of course MiniRA will be my first pick!
25 March 2004, 16:45:11 +0200
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