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29 December 2019, 23:37:48 +0200
From: Czech Republic
I always played this with my dad on playstation 2 when i was 8. Now i can finally play it with him again! I love this game so much!
4 January 2020, 17:51:03 +0200
Thank you for this wonderful service. My friends and I have been having a lot of fun
25 January 2020, 06:25:00 +0200
I was looking up some hotkeys and stumbled on this site, blast from the past man. If you'd told me 20-something years ago I could play this game on my phone one day I'd have laughed in your face, but that's what I've been messing with for the last couple hours.

Thanks for keeping the site up, hope it stays around for a while. I remember when these games came out and I discovered the demo of the original on a PC Gamer CD my uncle gave me. Instantly hooked! One of my all time favorite series, and got me into RTS. Still solid games after all these years.
26 February 2020, 02:49:45 +0200
From: Honolulu, Hawaii
This is an amazing resource! And that it's survived all these years is really neat, I love finding old websites like these. Many thanks, and here's to countless more hours of Red Alert! :)
14 March 2020, 16:38:52 +0200
I found some really cool maps and campaigns to play here after finishing all the aftermath missions.
3 May 2020, 13:04:04 +0300
Great to see so much new action for CnC and RA with the remasters coming out. This has re-sparked my interest in the old RTS's. Really enjoy this site and its preservation of the original game.
3 May 2020, 23:45:05 +0300
From: Rotterdam, The netherlands
Really cool to see that the site had some updates :), furtherly iam still playing this game its still big fun even in these times,. also it never gets bored and it will keep you busy bringing any new ideas on making changes in the game, Im a big C&c Red Alert fan like many people around the world. Really happy that these classic games are still alive and that after so long.. C&c Red Alert fan 4life :-D
15 May 2020, 12:15:08 +0300
From: USA - Tx
Got the link while looking to mod some Rule.ini files and was trying to specifically build Volkov or my own version of him using the same in-game model.
10 June 2020, 23:09:32 +0300
PuMa² (Jesse)
From: Snow Mexico
RaZor, I'm so happy to see this site is still up, and totally blown away that you're still updating it after all of these years. Your hard work has been rewarded by a completely renewed interest in CNC/RA thanks to the Remastered collection. Given the open source nature, I'm really excited to see what people do with the game now :)

I just played RA for my first time in well over a decade last night, and was a bit sad that they didn't fix the glaring issues with unit pathfinding, but who knows what will come at the hands of talented modders!

Anyhow, all the best!

Btw, this is the guy who used to run the RA TechCenter (long gone), and made the Project Revolution mod.
4 January 2021, 07:48:30 +0200
From: Netherlands living in Australia
Playing again every now and again.
Dowloaded some maps from here the other day. :)
1 March 2021, 07:51:11 +0200
Tiberian Son
From: Albany, OR. USA
Took a break from playing Red Alert & came looking for a Tesla Coil Icon for my PC's Recycle Bin. Found the Tesla Charge and Strike sound WAV File.
Had it on my Windows Vista Laptop. Replaced the Recycle Bin with the Tesla Coil and replaced the sound so when I empty it I get to hear it.

Enjoying my Remastered World Wide Warfare AKA(Command & Conquer Remastered)

Tiberian Son
26 December 2021, 21:34:20 +0200
Used to play RA1 on HEAT.NET back in the day. Im pretty sure it was 1997-1999 something like that. The main map was a 4 player with no ore in mid. Fun times!!! Players I remember randomly, Oldb, Toolundertow, Melo6,
27 April 2022, 14:28:16 +0300
From: New Zealand
A blast from the past. A significant chunk of my 90's childhood was spent here. I can't believe it's still around!
13 June 2022, 04:04:17 +0300
From: Tauranga, New Zealand
Thanks for this wonderfull website. Long Live Red Alert!
6 July 2022, 05:30:45 +0300
From: Eastern US
Just wanted to let you know I appreciate you keeping this site up. Some of my best gaming memories have been because of campaigns I found here (Ultraq in particular, it's like a core memory to me). It's true after all.... Red Alert will never die, only its players.
31 August 2022, 14:00:22 +0300
From: South Devon
Long Live Red Alert.....great game
10 November 2022, 10:14:47 +0200
From: Denmark
This place helps me rock the allied scum!
8 December 2022, 07:59:05 +0200
I wanted to thank you for this website - the time and effort put into it, that it's still up after all this time, and that it's still got that beautiful Old Web look to it
8 February 2023, 18:57:27 +0200
From: JW

I wanted to let you know that my gaming crew and I still use this website to this day, and if you ever get to the point where you need donations, please reach out.

Discord: CrimsonFlash#1286
11 March 2023, 13:13:12 +0200
I LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I got such a nice feeling like being a kid again surfing the 90s internet. Please don't let it die!
16 July 2023, 19:08:21 +0300
I love coming back to this site and browsing old maps and content, thanks for keeping it up 20+ years and still going!
23 July 2023, 01:02:11 +0300
From: America
Stopping in to give my twice yearly thanks! You all are awesome. If you ever need a donation to keep it going please let us know.
4 March 2024, 10:39:48 +0200
Still looking at this site, even in March 2024, in the United States of America!
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