Well, I got Red Alert few years back and played it quite alot then, but in the last year I didn't have much time to play computer games. Now, I have more time to spend and I wanted to play this great game. The problem was that I had installed a Linux only system, so it wasn't so easy as I thought....

This very small document is created because I saw few questions on my email for this problem; here it is then... My system is Celeron 450MHz with 128MB RAM, Sound Blaster Live PCI, RIVA TNT-2 Ultra 32MB, 40X CDROM, Mandrake 8.0 (game works 100%).

What you need
* Copy of Red Alert
* Linux distribution with XFree
* WINE (atleast version 20010510 works, available via FTP from sunsite.unc.edu)

How to do it
1. Mount the CD as root and copy the install folder to your Wine "Windows"-directory, then rename the folder to anything you like.
2. Change the modes of the files in the Red Alert-directory so you can read/write (chmod +w).
3. Start the game by typing "wine -winver win95 /mnt/windows/westwood/redalert/ra95.exe" in your console.

Multiplayer / LAN
No additional configuration needed, TCP/IP in Wine is builtin.

Additional info
Network play under Wine: Yes - TCP/IP
Runs fullscreen: Yes
Red Alert version: 1.04 (CD-ROM version)

Wine version: 20010510 (latest: 20030219)
Distribution: Linux Mandrake 8.0 / Kernel 2.4.3
X-Server: XFree86 v4.0.3
Display: 16-bit @ 1280x1024

That's all folks!
Hope this helps. Have fun! - RWP

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