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23 June 2004, 13:04:43 +0300
From: Москва, Россия
Мне понравилось у вас. Успехов.
27 June 2004, 03:39:31 +0300
From: US
You guys rock! I can't believe someone else still plays this great game ;)
29 June 2004, 00:46:07 +0300
From: utrecht, holland
yo, this is a NICE site!!! :)
2 July 2004, 13:47:34 +0300
im still waiting to play my 1st LAN RA1 with my brother, but in the meantime, zero hour and blitzkreig2 mod are as good as this classic now!
3 July 2004, 20:15:35 +0300
Anyone who can't get Red Alert to work, please visi the forums
9 July 2004, 16:23:31 +0300
Ivan Vukic
From: Zagreb, Croatia
Zivio ReD ra freak.
12 July 2004, 15:19:26 +0300
for fuck sakes, why does everything open in a new fucking window?
13 July 2004, 13:50:58 +0300
From: UK
Red Alert is STILL a classic game. Keep this site running!
19 July 2004, 05:29:28 +0300
From: Maplefalls, W.A., United States
Thank you for keeping a great game alive! I own C&C Generals, and RA 2. I can say that the original Red Alert is even better than generals. i have to admit that I have downloaded almost every file on the site. Those files have rekindled Red Alert's greatness. Thank you again and I am deeply in you'r debt.
19 July 2004, 13:42:09 +0300
From: new zealand
great site just got here but can tell already .been playing since begining but finding hard to get games on net any help? thx
19 July 2004, 18:10:43 +0300
From: ahmet, ahmet
Good site...Good site...Good site...Good site...Good site...Good site...Good site...Good site...
20 July 2004, 12:12:56 +0300
From: UK
Just browsing through to see what you have. Excellent website.
I had a great time visiting your site. It`s pretty nice !
Keep up the good work tones, ringtones, colour backgrounds, animated screensavers, Handylogos,
true tones..etc...
21 July 2004, 13:26:26 +0300
From: something, something
My comments are: I like Red Alert-game, becouse I like War-games.
28 July 2004, 12:55:29 +0300
Robert Kingston
From: Brisbane, Australia
Awesome! I've wanted a website on RA1 for years! god I loved that game - I played it for years by myself and messed around in it with a mate of mine from Albany Hills State School.
29 July 2004, 18:20:42 +0300
From: US
Cool site amd its very helpful with campaigns and all. RA1 is a pretty good game but I like RA2 better. RA1 has all sorts of AI problems and is unbalanced in my opinion.
31 July 2004, 19:45:25 +0300
This is a good site. I like the music, but I wish the other add on music tracks were on here as well.
3 August 2004, 05:36:39 +0300
Just finished reading of RA story. Took me about 5hrs... And I don't feel sorry !!! Fuckin' great, best thing I ever read ! Gareth, you're the main man !!! Just pisses me that Tanya died in the chronoshit... Anyway, the part in Leningrad is best. Write such thing again and we'll see for a Nobel prize.
4 August 2004, 11:42:39 +0300
Ngor Kolong Ngor
From: Khartoum, Sudan
I will be great to receiev comments from you
5 August 2004, 10:37:53 +0300
Pablo Fernandez
From: Bs. As., Argentina
Great! I,ve just found this site, it looks great! I`m a Red Alert fan since 1997 (the best PC´s game ever created) ; congratulations for this site!
16 August 2004, 01:49:10 +0300
El Banjo
From: Oslo, Norway
RaZor!!! UPDATE!!!
I hate to see this place not updated since february!
22 August 2004, 08:47:49 +0300
From: Jax, USA
This site has now become my favorite game resource. I've been playing C&C since PC Gamer released the first demo of the first C&C, and since then RA1 is still the best. Then to find a site to proviede me with the tools that I need to go as far as almost rewriting the game...fxckin' A!!!
Keep up the good work...don't ever let this site go down.
22 August 2004, 11:40:56 +0300
Winter Moon
Bravo! This site is a real treasure.
24 August 2004, 07:35:25 +0300
joaquim lopes
From: Cascais, Portugal
command and conquer forever...
25 August 2004, 17:46:35 +0300
I want to download only the normal Red alert
25 August 2004, 19:57:22 +0300
From: Switzerland
Red allert is quite fun! Thx for the free download! I'll come back(after I'll played the game:))
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