This page contains walkthroughs for beating all four secret Ant missions. To access the hidden giant ant missions, hold down the left Shift key on your keyboard, and then right-click on the speaker above and to the right of the Options menu. Counterstrike add-on required.

At the bottom of the page is some information about the different types of ants. Since there are only 4 missions I felt there is no need to include the mission briefings.

Ant Mission 1
This mission, your objective is simply to survive for 30 minutes and keep the radar online. Your units start in the southwest corner of the map. The base is in the center, so get your units there. Once you reach the base, sell any useless structures and start the ore truck mining. Use the ranger to go around your base, shooting all barrels and collecting the crates that are left behind. There are numerous ways to beat this mission. You can build a minelayer and lay mines all around your base to keep the ants at bay. Rangers are basically useless since 6 infantry is much better at taking out ants than one ranger, so don't waste your money. Make sure you guard your ore truck well! The southeastern ore patch seems to be attacked more than the northwestern, so you may want to have your ore truck mine there. You could also sell the service depot and war factory and simply build a lot of infantry, with a few medics to keep them going. Such a garrison does a fine job protecting the base; just beware of fire ants. The radar dome looks safe but an ant will knock down the tree and open access to the dome so keep it guarded. After 30 minutes you'll receive some reinforcements and it's on to the next mission.

Ant Mission 2
This time your objective is to evacuate civilians and destroy all bridges in the area. This is a little harder than the previous mission. Use your two medium tanks to escort the ore truck about, and drive the MCV into your base and deploy it. You'll definitely want a war factory this time. Start cranking out tanks. Once you have 4-5 tanks, head for the very southeast corner. Some warrior ants get in your way but they're easy to destroy. Once in the southeast corner, pick up all the money crates there for $6000! Then, just for fun, destroy the trucks and some gas pops up. Very strange indeed... After that, get your tanks back to base and keep building. Once you have 8-10 tanks, construct an APC. Now head east to uncover the first village. Get some of the civilians in the APC and head north. Once you reach the northern ant hill, keep south of the river and head east. Then go across the mud path with the APC and into the village. Get some civilians into the APC, and keep the tanks in the back because some ants will come to ruin your fun. Now get the APC back to the LST and get the civilians onto the northwest island. Time to destroy the bridges. Build about 6-8 more tanks so you have a sizeable force of 14-18 tanks. Also train a garrison of infantry if you don't already have one. Now to destroy the bridges. To get each bridge, have the infantry stand right in front of it to hold back ants, while the tanks sit in back and waste the bridge. Do this for each one until they're all destroyed. Mission accomplished.

Ant Mission 3
This one is harder. Deploy your MCV close to the ore patch and station your men and tanks all around the perimeter of your base. Explore northwest a little to reveal one ant hill. Use the APCs to explore to the west and north to reveal some ant hills. The APCs will die but they suck anyway. Once you have a refinery you'll get the civilian specialists. Send one onto the ant hill right northwest of your base to gas it. Build a second refinery right away to start raking in money. Make sure you have a barracks so you can make turrets; you'll be attacked heavily. Build a war factory right after you have some turrets and two refineries up. Crank out a few tanks and an APC. Now put one of the civilan specialists into the APC and head toward the northern ant nest. It is vital you get this nest quickly. Go right by any ant guards and unload the civilian right onto the ant hill. Nest gassed. Now take an assault squad of 2 mammoths (hopefully they're still alive) and some rocket soldiers north and clear out any remaining ants in the ore field. You need to be able to have your ore trucks mine here. Keep building tanks and build another APC if the other one was destroyed. Take it to the western ant nest, unload and gas it. Simply repeat this procedure for every ant nest and make sure all the civilians aren't killed. Once all nests are gassed you should have a significant attack force. Sweep around the map and finish off all ants.

Ant Mission 4
Here it is! The final mission. Some general tips--1) Have Stavros get all crates. Most are armour and firepower upgrades and he needs them. Once you get the mammoth tank, have it get these crates along with Stavros so they both get the effects. 2) Watch out for fire ants! Kill them quickly with Stavros, but keep your other men away. 3) Keep Stavros and the mammoth tank together (once you get the latter), along with a couple of medics. This team is unstoppable. The rest of the men are slightly useless. To business. Keeping these tips in mind, follow these directions. Head west, once you reach a large room go north to activate the control panel and bring a friendly Tesla coil online. Bye-bye ants! Now go south and activate the lights. Visibility much better. Work your way north destroying all ants and larvae you find. You'll come to a large metal room with two panels on the north. Send all your men to the center but Stavros to the western panel. The ants will attack your men and you'll take some casualties, but Stavros will activate lethal gas that kills all the ants. You'll receive more men and soon, the mammoth tank. Now work west and destroy everything in sight. Then go south and turn west at each junction. Eventually you'll reach the queen with her Tesla coil. Either send the mammoth ahead first to take the shock and use Stavros to kill her, or if Stavros has gotten all armour upgrades he should be able to kill the queen ant before she gets him. Now watch the queenie die! BWA HA HA! Er, sorry... ;-)))

Ant Types:

Scout Ant: The weakest ant. Few hit points means it's easy to kill and its mandibles don't do much damage. It can still eat through harvesters very quickly, so protect them!

Fire Ant: Especially dangerous in the last mission where they can kill Stavros fairly easily. They're deadly on infantry but otherwise not a huge threat.

Warrior Ant: The most dangerous ant except the Queen. Bites do a lot of damage and they're tough. Even capable of taking out a mammoth tank if you're not careful. Beware these guys.

Larvae: In the last mission. They just sit there; unthreatening. But you must destroy them all.

Queen: Her Tesla Zap isn't too deadly. Stavros can take one with his armour upgrade and then shoot her dead. Mammoth tank can also absorb her blows. Still, it's a good thing there's only one of her... or is there??

Author: Brian Bird
Source: IncREDible Alert
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