The "Good Guys" in Red Alert. Here is the information provided about the Allied forces in the Red Alert manual, along with extra information provided by myself:

* IDEOLOGY: To resist Soviet aggression against any first and second world powers. Uphold ideals defined in World Association of Nations charter. The Soviets are invading Europe and the only way to stop them is for England, France and Germany (to name but 3 main countries) to unite their forces together. The plot of the game is based on a different timeline introduced because Einstein removed Hitler before World War II, so this time the Europeans are united. When playing as the Allies you should remember that you are fighting for the good of the people - but show no mercy or you'll never complete the missions!

* CURRENT TITULAR LEADER: General Gunter von Esling, Supreme Commander of Allied forces. This is the guy who gives you most of your briefings during the Allied campaign. He has an annoying sidekick who's only use seems to be to get in the way and complain about Tanya. If he is so good, it would be nice if he occasionally gave a helping hand in the war by commanding a few battles, because your own missions seem to be the only ones that get completed successfully.

* BASE OF OPERATIONS: Headquarters, Unified Operations, London; Northern Theatre, Oslo; Southern Theatre, Madrid. Not that it makes much difference where the Allies are based. The only battles that are won are those which you command yourself during the campaign.

* MILITARY STRENGTH: Enlisted forces about 3.4 million. Non-regular forces, including guerrilla and resistance forces, about 1.7 million. Armament classified per DEFCOM document 177.4, Allied Defence Regulations. Which basically means the Allies have a lot when they put it all together, but it still isn't very much compared to the Soviets. Interestingly though, you very rarely see many of these forces. Considering they are in the millions, you'd think you'd get more than an MCV and a few tanks to mount full scale attacks on some of the biggest Soviet installations.

* ECONOMIC STRENGTH: Satisfactory. Assets classified because of number of governments and currencies. In reality, they don't really know how much money they've got, but it isn't enough because even on the most important of missions you start off with hardly any cash to get you off the ground! Harvest as much ore and gems as you can as soon as you can because after the mission starts there's no other way to get money (except if you are lucky enough to find a crate or destroy a supply truck).

* POLITICAL STRENGTH: Not applicable. Currently operates as modified Military Junta. Nobody wants to take the chance of being called leader of the Allied nations because there's not much chance of them winning the war... General Gunter von Esling does most of the work in the war effort, or at least he takes the credit for it. You do all the fighting and come back to report to him, whereupon he immediately gives you a new, even harder mission.

* AFFILIATIONS: United Nations. So there are lots of countries all united in a common goal to prevent the Soviets invading, but interestingly there's still no sign of the Americans just like first time round :-)

* SEE ALSO: Einstein, "A History of Allied Weaponry." Fort, Charles A., "F-Invasions and Telemetry". Read whatever books you like, but if Einstein has anything to do with it then it will be out of date before it's written!

* ALLIED WEAPONRY: The Allies have a large variety of weaponry, all of which is detailed in the Intelligence section of this site. These include: Ranger, APC, Light & Medium Tanks, Artillery, Gunboats, Destroyers, Cruisers, Longbow Helicopters, Rocket Soldiers, Medics and Tanya. Although diverse, the most important of these are the Cruiser (massive range and devastating power) and Tanya (C4 explosives destroy structures instantly). Use intelligence and tactics with the Allied weaponry because otherwise you'll probably lose against the brute force of the Soviet units.

* TOP SECRET: The Allies are researching Nuclear weapons, but are also experimenting in time and space travel with the help of Einstein. This research will eventually lead to the development of the A-bomb and the Chronosphere. The Allies also have lots of other structures they can build in the meantime.

Author: Brian Bird
Source: Red Alert Handbook, IncREDible Alert
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