Here Friendly Asked Questions (FAQ) where you will answers to common questions people have asked about Red Alert.

Q. Where I can download full version of Red Alert?
A. Please check the following page for more details.

Q. Why there is no information related to PortableRA/Iran patch?
A. We do not recognize any forced Red Alert patches/packages that break compatibility with official(original) game, no matter how good they are.

Q. Why there is no information related to OpenRA project?
A. Answer is simple: OpenRA != RA. Even though OpenRA uses the original RA graphics, OpenRA game mechanics are different.

Q. Are there any cheat codes?
A. There are as many cheat codes in Red Alert as there were in C&C - that is to say, none at all.

Q. How do I remove any third party maps/missions etc?
A. If you have installed any maps/missions/campaigns etc for Red Alert that you may have downloaded from this or other sites then you may find you can't play the original Red Alert again! This is because most of them do not have an uninstallation routine. Fortunately, it is very easy to remove those unwanted files. To ensure everything is uninstalled first, simply go to your main Red Alert directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT) and remove or delete any and all of the following files:
Where an 'X' means any character or number. If you find Red Alert is loading slowly then you can remove any files ending in with a .MPR extension. These are new multiplayer maps. If you want to keep them you can copy them to another directory and copy them back when you actually want to play them. Now start up Red Alert and everything should be back to normal.

Q. Can I play RED ALERT against a friend?
A. Yes! Westwood has built lots of multiplayer support into Red Alert. Get ready to face battles with generals via the Internet (Win95 version only), IPX network, modem, or direct connection via null-modem.
As with C&C, each copy of Red Alert comes with two CDs, so that you can loan one to a friend for instant multiplayer action. Each player must have one of the Red Alert CD-ROM's in their system before play can begin.

Q. Can DOS and Windows 95 play together?
A. The DOS and Windows 95 versions of Red Alert are compatible for modem head-to-head, IPX network, and null modem connections. Internet connections are available only in the Windows 95 version.

Q. How many players, IPX, modem, null modem?
A. Internet, modem, and null modem connections support 2 players head-to-head. IPX network connections support up to 8 players. All connection types can add AI players up to a total of 8.

Q. Does the AI build bases in multiplayer games?
A. Yes! The AI will now build a base, and use every trick it knows to grind you into the dirt. The computer is no longer the pushover it used to be. You can ally with your human companion against the computer, or go at it no holds barred. Rest assured, the computer players just might gang up on you!

Q. What is "skirmish" mode?
A. Skirmish mode is a way for you to practice multiplayer games against AI opponents. You can play on any of the multiplayer maps with all of the same options that are in the multiplayer game setup (tech level, ore re-growth, starting units, etc.) You can then add 1 to 7 AI players, and set the difficulty level.

Q. How to install Red Alert on Win2K?
A. Use apcompat.exe (comes with win2k support tools found on cdrom), browse to the setup program, tell program to use win98, and run setup), once done game works fine.

Q. Does Red Alert work with Windows XP?
A. Yes! Insert your cd to the comp. and open up My Computer. Then right click on your cd-rom drive and click on open. Then you can right click on setup and go to properties. After that there is a tab that says compatibility and Check the box that says, "Run this in compatibility mode for:" and a drop box appears, click windows 95 and install. This works for all programs that are 95 based. I know this will work.

Q. How to install Red Alert on Windows Vista/7?
A. Please read the following tutorial.

Q. Does Red Alert work with Linux?
A. Yes! Please read the following manual.

Q. What are the Giant Ants Missions?
A. They are 4 special missions hidden on the CD of COUNTERSTRIKE, the same way the dinosaurs missions were hidden in "Covert Operations", the add-on for the original C&C (called today "C&C Tiberium Dawn"). (To be opposed to the subtitle of C&C II which is supposed to be something like "Tiberian Sun"). These missions deal with giants ants attacking the human race and, of course, it is up to you (who else ?) to stop them. Unlike the dino missions, you can not play ants in a fifth level as you could play dinosaurs in "Covert Operations".

Q. Is there any kind of editor included?
A. Yes! Red Alert will include a Terrain Editor, which can be used to create your own multiplayer maps. Also check our donwloads section for tons of Red Alert editors and utilities!

Q. Why I can't download anything from RA-Archive?
A. Use left mouse click instead "Save Target As..." option! Disable your firewall, proxy server or anything that modify or block the referral fields. That's not mean you must disable your firewall. That's only because some firewalls have disabled referrers by default. Verify your firewall settings.

Q. Can I make mirror of your site or use your download links?
A. RA-Archive already has official automatically synced mirrors and not in need of any 3rd party mirrors. And please don't hotlink our files. Instead you can download all needed stuff from RA-Archive and put them on your own server or somewhere else, then link them.

Q. How often do you update your page?
A. Whenever I get new ra stuff and free time.

Q. How can I upload my RA stuff to RA-Archive?
A. Please read following manual on detailed information.

Q. I have downloaded [CENSORED] program from your page, how do I?
A. Do you think I'm 'tech support' or what? Read the [CENSORED] readme file!

Q. File is corrupt! I get CRC error!
A. All OK with files. Hundreds of people have downloaded them and only ~1 or 2 out of 10000 have problems like CRC error. Try to download them again with another browser or download manager.

Q. I have some free webspace to offer you, are you interested?
A. Yes I am, but DON'T send me links to free web hosting services.

Q. Your site sucks!
A. I know, but does it really matter?

Q. What about RA2 stuff?
A. Nothing. I have already got Red Alert 2 - average game, wasted my money really... So I don't want to waste my time for this game.

Q. What about RA3 stuff?
A. The same answer as for RA2.

Q. I like your website, how can I make a donation?
A. Please visit the following page for more information.

Q. What is the difference of and
A. is actually our primary address, is our official mirror now.

Q. How to fix Red Alert crash on a PC with multi-threaded/multi-core processor?
A. If you are experiencing crashes at the title screen or during gameplay in Red Alert and using a PC with multi-threaded/multi-core processor, you need to download "Red Alert affinity fix". Then extract zip file contents into your Red Alert directory and start game with ra95.bat file instead of ra95.exe.

Q. How to fix Red Alert colors glitch bug with Windows Vista/7?
A. This can be easily fixed with a great little utility called "DirectDraw Compatibility Tool" created by a russian programmer named Лёха Galogen. All you have to do is download the program, unzip and run it. It's pretty simple to use - just find the executable of the game RA95.exe. Then, click apply, all done. No more blotchy colors or resolution errors! This tool works on both 64 bit and 32bit operating systems and supports any RA version.

Q. How to play Red Alert on LAN using Windows2000/XP/Vista/7/8?
A. First, you need to patch your Red Alert with 3.03 patch. Second, download "Red Alert v3.03 TCP/IP LAN patch" from Unofficial Patches section. Extract it into your Red Alert directory and enjoy LAN games!

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