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19 July 2001, 11:36:44 +0300
From: Homestead, Fl, USA
Great Site! All that I need. keep it up.
1 August 2001, 16:56:50 +0300
Bill Clinton
From: Moscow, Russia
great site, keep updating
10 August 2001, 01:16:03 +0300
From: -, Australia
By the way I am not from the UK! as my email suggests. I really like your site and have just then uploaded an unfinished mod for red alert. Hope you like it. Anyway, your site kicks arse. I download all my mods here.
11 August 2001, 12:04:37 +0300
-=[!]=- MIFFO
From: cs_italy, Sweden
Can i creaty myown .ral? and how? mail me.
16 August 2001, 03:08:45 +0300
From: France
RDA is the best site on RA!
Very good job, Razor
19 August 2001, 14:11:39 +0300
From: West Lorne, Canada
The very best Red Alert site I've ever seen
before. In one word "WOW"
20 August 2001, 11:00:46 +0300
pedro from brazil
From: juiz de fora, mg, brazil
a super page of a super game
very good
good job Razor !
22 August 2001, 16:16:03 +0300
From: Canada
Nice page, check mine out
23 August 2001, 08:08:09 +0300
Peter Verboom
From: Apeldoorn, Netherlands
26 August 2001, 12:16:32 +0300
From: syd
champion son , absolute champion.
29 August 2001, 12:18:45 +0300
From: Finland
Nice site you have...Maybe I should post up my another conversion here. I've had it somehow ready since end of last year, but I didn't know if someone still plays RA. I try to remember to send it here...Though I should finalize the darn desert terrain (the only thing not ready in the conversion) :P
1 September 2001, 12:39:24 +0300
Ben Strom
oone of the best ra sites i have ever seen. verry good. !!!!!
20 September 2001, 12:50:00 +0300
From: APO, AE
This is a cool website!!!
8 October 2001, 17:25:03 +0300
Bob Hoover
From: Wimauma, USA
Thanks for the crack Red Alert
9 October 2001, 10:24:31 +0300
Leo Clark
From: Widnes, England
I have looked through loads of good RED ALERT orientated sites, but this must be the best. Plenty of downloads and information for the experienced and even novice players. Nice one!
9 October 2001, 18:24:12 +0300
Daryl Vander Veen
From: Welland, Canada
Your site has the best variety of Red Alert conversions and downloads. Your site is #1!
14 October 2001, 17:47:02 +0300
Very awesome RA site you have alot of nice patchs and hints etc..
16 October 2001, 11:17:07 +0300
From: venezia, italia
red alert meriterebbe di piu'.... molto di piu'
ringrazio fin da ora tutti gli operatori di questo fantastico sito
21 October 2001, 08:23:28 +0300
From: TranĂ¥s, Sweden
This must be the best Red Alert site I have ever seen. Good work!
27 October 2001, 12:51:24 +0300
Chris Doyle
From: Brisbane, Australia
Awesome site! These editors are great!
6 November 2001, 17:50:35 +0200
From: bendigo, australia
red alert is the best game and it shits all over starcraft
6 November 2001, 17:52:34 +0200
From: bendigo, australia
red alert is the best game and it shits all over starcraft. your site is real good i got som real cool missions from it
7 November 2001, 12:48:49 +0200
andy the best
this is the best web site in the world. it even goes through the school filter.
8 November 2001, 12:56:03 +0200
Andrew Cameron
From: May Pen, Jamaica
This site is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This site is what you call PERFECTION!
9 November 2001, 00:45:53 +0200
From: Bandar Abbas, Iran
Well, It tooks at least one month to use your maps and campaigns completely , Thank you very much, I wish God helps you too.
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