This page contains tips and tactics for completing every mission in the Soviet campaign, along with the mission briefing in case you don't know which mission number you are up to!

A general tip for all the missions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part of the mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose the mission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return to various points in te mission, and even return to the previous mission if necessary.

Mission 1
Briefing: A pitiful excuse for resistance has blockaded itself in this village. Stalin has decided to make an example of them. Kill them all and destroy their homes. You will have Yak aircraft to use in teaching these rebels a lesson.

The Allies store barrels full of petrol next to their buildings and units. Shoot all the barrels you see with your airplanes. A few friendly soldiers will drop in to assist. There's a heal-everyone crate under the church to the west. Move your men north, and as you explore more of the map, you'll find more barrels to shoot. Edge a few soldiers near the unexploded bridge. Shoot the barrels by the pillboxes to destroy them. The map will reveal more buildings and barrels. Blow up the other barrels. If your mission doesn't end, it's because you've left the civilians alive. Kill them all and destroy their buildings.

Mission 2
Briefing: Tomorrow, the attack on Germany begins, but today, we must protect our facility from Allied attacks. Keep the Command Center intact at all costs, and destroy any Allied fortification you might find.

Shoot the stacks of barrels by the bridge. Build a refinery, aircraft, power plant, and barracks. Send one man to scout up north. It's okay if he gets killed by the jeep. Strafe the jeep with both aircraft. You'll notice that a rocket infantryman shoots at you. Next time you're up there, strafe him, too. Gather all your rifle infantry and organize them into two groups of equal size. Move south past the river crossing, and head past the ore deposits to the west. Always keep the two groups next to each other for defense. Inch your way one square at a time until you begin combat with the enemy. If a jeep appear mixed with the infantry, kill the rifle infantry first, the jeep second, and any rocket infantry last. The enemy ore truck will show up. Destroy it with concentrated rifle infantry fire. With the ore truck gone, the enemy won't have enough cash reserves to put up much of a fight. The turrets are best destroyed with concentrated rifle fire. The Yak aircraft is good for lightly armored buildings such as power plants and construction yards.

Mission 3
Briefing: An Allied spy has bypassed our security, damaged our base, and is now seeking to escape. Use your attack dogs to track him down and exterminate him. The civilians are aiding the spy and will have set traps for your men. If the spy escapes you, your life is forfeit.

Kill the soldier defending the farmhouse and you'll get riflemen and grenadiers. Send a grenadier south to blow up a line of barrels to destroy the pillbox. Send the men south, killing enemy infantry. Move all the units west until you see the enemy village. Move the dogs back. Cluster the infantry in a counter ambush formation at the pass. Send a dog into the village, and immediately pull it back when computer starts the ambush. Kill them. The spy escapes up north. Move all your units half way east then north through the valley, killing the little men there. Get a grenadier to blow up all the barrels again. Move all units north, then into an attack formation where you can grenade the enemy soldiers one by one until they die. Move everyone west. blow up more barrels. Move everyone west, kill the spy. Mission complete.

Mission 4
Briefing: The Allied base in this region is proving to be problematic. Your mission is to take it out so that we can begin to move forces through this area. As long as they have communications they will be able to call upon heavy reinforcements.  Crush their communications, and they should be easier to remove.

We're going to do this one slightly differently. Move your units west until you get to the village. Deploy the MCV along the road that stretches to the bottom corner of the map. Build your base with a power plant first, followed by a barracks and a refinery. You're surrounded by minerals, and there's not much space to build buildings, but as you gather ore, the real estate will open up. Dogs make good border guards if you put them near your perimeter. They'll die in the crossfire if you mix them up with your normal infantry. Build an airstrip. Send a spy plane to an area at the very top of the screen, aligned vertically with the first river crossing, counting from the west. See that radar dome? You've got to take it out. When your paratroopers are ready, drop them next to the radar dome and destroy it. The one major strength of the Soviets is armor, so take advantage of it by building as many heavy tanks as you can afford. Send your armor north from the gap generator and destroy the ore truck and refinery. Stay out of reach of the turrets, but destroy any tanks and jeeps that you see. Destroy the weapons factory also. With unit production crippled, the enemy will lie still. Build more armor and finish them all off.

Mission 5
Briefing: Khalkis island contains a large quantity of ore that we need. The Allies are well aware of our plans, and intend to establish their own base there. See to it that they fail. In addition, capture their radar center so we can track Allied activity in this area.

Set up your base just south of the road. Get a radar dome up as soon as you can. Scout to the north with one of your rifle infantry, and see if you can drag the bad guys down to your turf. Pump out some tanks. Move them into the ore fields in the north and destroy the enemy ore truck. Retreat back to your base where your infantry can help destroy the remaining "rescue" force. Build three V2 launchers, and use them to take out enemy turrets. Keep a squad of infantry close, and follow them with your tanks. Capture the Allied construction yard, and radar dome, but don't touch the refinery or any of the barrels. Build six airstrips and Yaks to go with them. Use the spy plane to reveal portions of the middle island. You're looking for the enemy refinery. When you find it, strafe it with your Yaks to destroy it. Pick off the units on the island one by one by air assault, or build a naval yard to bombard them from the coast with gunboats. If you do this, you'll need to get rid of the enemy destroyer cover with submarines. The mission ends when every last soldier on the middle island is dead.

Mission 6
Briefing: There is a special cargo that needs to be transported to a nearby Soviet base in the northeast. Make sure the trucks reach their destination intact. Along the way, there is a bridge which the Allies may have destroyed. If so, use the Naval options at your disposal. Our attack subs will make short work of any Allied boats you discover.

Retreat to the west, and set up your base at the far edge of the map. Several waves of enemy rocket infantry and light tanks will attack. Counter them with rifle infantry and five or six heavy tanks. Send an APC into the base in the north to scout a little bit. Try to find the refinery. Build three airstrips, and make two strafing runs on the refinery to destroy it. Build three V2 launchers to remove enemy fortifications, and let your tanks and your infantry deal with the other enemy units. Capture the weapons factory and build another repair bay by it. Repair your tanks before fighting your way east. Cruisers will open fire on you as you reach the main island in the east. That's okay. Concentrate on getting rid of the tanks on the island. Move the convoy trucks through the path you cleared. Your mission ends when you get them on the island.

Mission 7
Briefing: The Allies have infiltrated one of our nuclear reactors! They have tampered with the core so that a meltdown is imminent within 30 minutes. They must not succeed! Enter the base and find any remaining technicians. Guide them to the 4 coolant stations so they can activate them, then activate the main computer. The security systems have been armed so beware. Kill any Allies you find.

Run for it! Move all your men down the east passageway. When you reach the end, light the barrels and give them a taste of their own barbecue. Head past a guarded control room to the west, and turn south. There's a pillbox with a barrel fuse and a bunch of dogs wagging their tails. Light the barrels to free the pups from the pound. Split the dogs into four groups of roughly even size. Attack the control room guards and kill them all. Move a soldier onto the control panel plates to destroy the flame turrets. Head west, but stop before you get a bunch of barrels. A pair of rocket infantry will fire on the barrels, hoping to catch you in the blaze, but they will have no such luck. Unleash the dogs on them. Continue moving through the corridor, shooting the barrels you come across. It will widen up into a large area full of more barrels. Stand back. Chase after the enemy soldier and kill him. Move further towards the engineers and kill their lone guard. Move one engineer onto each computer terminal. Some flame turrets will pop out of the ground and fry the Allied intelligence team. Move your remaining engineer to the core computer terminal to end your mission.

Mission 8
Briefing: We have detected Allied activity on Elba island. The Allies plan to use this island to stage an attack on the Soviet Empire. You must ensure that the island ceases to be under Allied control. Destroy all Allied units on and around the island. The local population has been aiding the Allies as well. There is only one punishment for helping the enemy - Death.

This is a difficult mission. Quickly build a barracks and place it somewhere. The enemy will disperse. If a few still linger around, a couple rifle infantry will silence them. Construct a refinery. Build a war factory, and pump four or five heavy tanks. You'll get several shipments of infantry reinforcements. Put the flame infantry in front of the rifle infantry, and pay attention to that manufacturer's label that says "This side towards enemy". Explore the coastline with a transport. Ore is going to be a problem soon. First, deal with the civilians who keep popping flares to signal enemy transports by killing the civvies. Move your tanks north to the large ore fields. Destroy the mine layers before they lay mines, or you'll wish that you had later. Rush back down to your base and defend against marauding jeeps. Capture the tan enemy's power station and build a barracks and refinery up there. Roll out big numbers of heavy tanks and go after the enemy ore trucks. If you don't kill those ore trucks, it's impossible to win. Use hit and run tactics to slowly deplete the enemy reserve of vehicles. When it's time to assault the base, use the V2's to take out the turrets and pillboxes. Your mission will end when everything is destroyed.

Mission 9
Briefing: The Allied forces have intercepted and destroyed a convoy that carried parts for our secret weapon. One truck remains, but they have captured that last truck and its cargo. This is not acceptable! You are to destroy that truck before the Allies leave the area with it.

Destroy all enemy units in your base and immediately repair all your damaged buildings. Send the ore truck south to mine gem deposits. Construct an advanced power plant. Construct a weapons factory. Build two heavy tanks, and an engineer. You have to move quickly to capture an enemy base being established in the western portion of the map. Move your tank units and your engineer to the west. Capture the construction yard, and destroy the other buildings. The enemy will attempt to land on a strip of beach by your original base, accompanied by helicopters to destroy your Tesla coil. You can build Allied structures now, so build an AA gun by the Tesla Coil, and move your tank units to the beach to deal with the enemy land units. Later, an engineer laden APC will attempt to infiltrate your east base, and a group of helicopters will go for your west base. Be on the lookout for both of these. You can build an Allied barracks and make some rocket infantry to counter the air threat. With three refineries, you'll have enough income to build another weapons factory and produce a dozen heavy tanks. Drop paratroopers into the blackness at the west edge of the map, on the same line as your captured Allied construction yard. Move them north and expose the bridge. Advance northwards from your western base and destroy the armor. Park your two mammoth tanks at the start of the bridge. Move your group of heavy tanks east until you hit a clump of pine trees. There's an isthmus here. It's heavily mined, so advance your tanks one square at a time, shooting the square ahead of each tank to destroy any mines that might be there. An Allied cruiser will open fire on the tanks. Luckily, it is so far away that it will miss, and its shots will destroy the Allied Force's own mines. Destroy any enemy tanks and artillery that attack your armor column. We want to flush the convoy truck out. Push through their base, without stopping to destroy their turrets. The convoy truck will panic and leave. That's what we want. Pursue it with your heavy tanks. The convoy truck will eventually make it down to the bridge where we parked our mammoth tanks and paratrooper infantry. Your mission will end five seconds later.

Mission 9b
Slow the game down to the slowest so that you can keep up with the computer. And select all your units and target the convoy truck before it leaves your base. Then, just put it back to normal speed and watch your units waste the convoy truck!! Its a lot easier and faster.

Mission 9c
Start off the same way as above, but instead of moving you units into their base to chase the truck (cointaining Iron Curtain parts) out, go up on the side that your original base is on past the bridge were you park you mamoth tanks. Go over the bridge you will see a small base. Use v2 rocketers to destroy the turrets and then destroy ONLY the power plants. For some reason the big base is suffering from low power. Find the truck and drop your paratroopers down neer the truck. Tell the paratroopers to just attack the truck and not to bother with anything else, once its destroyed the mission will end so don't bother getting ready to destroy the base.

Mission 10
Briefing: You must defend a Soviet convoy that is moving through Allied occupied territory. Using the new MIG jet and a complement of Yaks, get the convoy through the area intact.Be careful -- your resources for this mission are very limited. If at least one truck makes it through to the other side, the mission will be a success.

Destroy the enemy tanks with concentrated tank fire. The convoy trucks will always follow the closest unit. Since we want them to be safe, leave one tank behind as a shepherd to keep the flock out of trouble. Kill rifle infantry with Yaks. Kill rocket infantry by running over them with your tanks. Kill other vehicles by picking on them with concentrated tank fire. Kill AA guns with tanks. Kill turrets with MiGs. Kill ships with a combination of MiGs and tanks. Destroy barrels with anything that is convenient. Use the spy plane to uncover your surroundings screen by screen. If you lose a Yak, replace it with a MiG. Two Yaks and three MiGs seems to work best on this level. Shoot the barrels by the radar dome to destroy the AA gun, then destroy the turret from the air. Proceed west through the trees, and squish the rocket infantry who attempt to ambush you. Keep heading west until you see an AA gun on a plateau. Destroy it, and head south past the barrels. Don't stop to fire at the turret. Once in the clearing to the south, destroy the southern AA gun. Shoot the barrels leading up to the central AA gun to destroy it. Three friendly engineers will airdrop. Move them to the enemy base and capture the repair bay and the construction yard. Destroy the ship to the south, and destroy the ship in the north You can now repair your aircraft without fear of being shot down.Keep going west. Destroy the barrels on the southern plateau. Use a Yak to destroy the barrels on the northern plateau. Continue west. Destroy the tank, squish over the rocket infantry. Blow a hole through the concrete barrier. If you now move your "shepherd" tank to the far west, the convoy will follow. The mission will end when the convoy trucks make it to the western edge of the map.

Mission 11
Briefing: Intelligence indicates that a large portion of the Allied Naval Fleet will stop for refueling at a base in this area. Destroy the fleet and the base. Beware the long range of their cruisers.

Make landfall slight to the north-west of your starting position. Build a refinery and weapons factory right away. You need some heavy tanks for protection. Move your subs east. From time to time, a cruiser will pop up in the eastern sea, and the subs will take it out. Use your leftover transport to scout the contours of your island. If you don't stop, you can map out almost all of the islands despite the massive Allied naval power. When you have four heavy tanks, send one of them east to scout past the bridges. In the ore fields north of the bridge is a minelayer that you should destroy quickly. Some enemy tanks will invade your beach, but the three heavy tanks you left behind can contain them without any problem. To safely cross the bridges without getting them blown to hell, you need to destroy the cruiser in the east. This can only be done with airpower. Three MiGs will kill the cruiser in a short period of time. Build two subpens. Place one past your north shore, and the other one past your south. Create a wolfpack of five or six submarines in the north, and replace any subs you lose in the south. Destroy the Allied sea power in the channel, culminating in the destruction of their shipyard in the bay. There is a crate worth 2000 credits on the island in the north-west. You can drop some paratroopers to get it if you need it, but because you need to get rid of the enemy navy, you might as well destroy their northern fleet with your submarine pack. Any enemy transports you see can be destroyed by your MiGs. Use a combination of helicopters and MiGs to kill the enemy defenses around the only approachable beach head. The pass is heavily mined, so destroy them with helicopters by firing at random squares. Begin destroying AA-guns, starting from the west. Three MiGs will destroy one gun emplacement without losing aircraft. With the gun emplacements gone, strafe the rocket infantry with your Hind helicopters, then knock out their power stations. Destroy whatever you can from the air. Land some heavy tanks. The bridge may blow up. Route your units through the narrow gap east to avoid the heavy minefield in the west pass. Destroy all units and buildings. If your mission doesn't end after you've destroyed everything in sight, you missed some of those camouflaged pillboxes hidden behind clumps of trees.

Mission 12
Briefing: We have learned the location of the Chronosphere weapon, and we want to capture it. The Allies have boobytrapped the Chronosphere to explode if approached. Capturing the tech. centers BEFORE taking the Chronosphere may allow you to defuse any traps. Use extreme caution.

Save the V2 rocket launcher at all costs. Kill the enemy vehicles with your armor, and destroy the turrets with the V2 launcher. Set up your base. To begin with, put up a weapons factory, barracks, and a repair bay. Send some of your leftover grenadiers exploring. If one of them attracts the attention of an enemy helicopter, lead it to the mammoth tank. Snipe at the tanks and men in the southern valley with the V2. Make some heavy tanks. Watch out for a chopper landing in the northern area of the base at the same time of an enemy tank attack. Your V2 can take out the chopper, and your armor can deal with the tanks. A thief incursion is possible at this point. Kill them with the mammoth. Move your tanks to the ore field just east of the base. Ambush the mine layer as the transport delivers it. Speaking of mines, there are some mines south and to the west of the ore field fencing. Kill all the tanks and men on this side of the island. Five tanks from the enemy base will attack under the shadow of a mobile gap generator. In combat, you'll catch glimpses of the enemy units. Remember to concentrate your fire, and you'll have no problem with this. Capture the Allied tech center in the south-west. You'll get a GPS map that will show everything. Take over the allied base in this sector using the V2's to remove gun emplacements, and using the tanks to project your might. Capture the weapons factory and construction yard, but only after you've sunk the cruisers. Hind choppers are best for this because they won't fly over AA on the other island. Drop some paratroopers over the power plants to silence the AA guns. Clean up the lake of naval units. Fill the transports with five mammoth tanks, five heavy tanks, three V2s, and two APCs loaded with engineers. Unload the transports on the south shore. When the beach head is secured, use the V2's to destroy all the turrets and pillboxes. Capture the three tech centers to complete your mission.

Mission 13
Briefing: We have another chance to capture the Chronosphere. Take out the Radar Domes to cut the link between them and the Chronosphere. Then capture it!

Destroy the enemy tanks. Deploy the MCV. Build a refinery, barracks, weapons factory, and repair bay. Train some grenadiers for base defense. Build three heavy tanks, and move your tank units south through the ravine. Destroy the tanks and artillery, and continue until you've gone to the very end. Turn back. Build another refinery. Construct a subpen and make enough subs to destroy the Allied ships in the bay farthest south. Send a transport full of heavy tanks right up the bay, and destroy the radar dome and the power plants, including those on the top of the cliffs. Charge the enemy camp with six or seven tanks, with the aim of destroying the center radar dome. Drop paratroopers nearby to assist. Curve your tanks northward and remove another radar dome. Construct a new armor column. The enemy will have run out of nearby ore, and will send the ore trucks farther north. Destroy the trucks with some tanks, and then destroy the enemy's weapon factory. If you don't, you'll be up to your ears in enemy tanks and artillery. Send ten tanks all the wa*y north, and then west. Cross the bridge and do not stop for anything! Carry on south through the enemy camp, past the ore fields. There is one more radar dome you need to take out. Do it. The chronosphere is south of those cliffs. Don't send a spy plane over there, however, because the Allied units will try to destroy the chronosphere. Make a large group of tanks to clean a path for your engineers, and capture the chronosphere. When I did this, I heard EVA say, "Objective reached." A split second later, our mission failed. I don't know if this is a bug, but there's another way to complete the mission. Instead of capturing the chronosphere, capture the barracks to the north-west of it. Build a large group of rocket infantry and destroy the helicopters that attack the chronosphere. Keep some tanks and infantry down there to keep the chronosphere safe. Systematically destroy every Allied vehicle, structure, infantryman, and ship. Regardless of your originally assigned mission, you'll see the words "Mission Successful" when the last Allied unit is killed.

Mission 14
Briefing: Your final test is at hand. The destiny of the Soviet union rests on the shores of England. Here lies the final resting place of the Allies pitiful resistance. Crush them and attain your place at the right hand of Stalin.

There are several mines in the area, so only move your units straight up and down, and not to the east or the west. Concentrate fire on the light tanks, artillery, then medium tanks. Deploy your MCV. You can check for mines in the vicinity of your base by constructing a building, and moving the white placement markers around your perimeter. If a square within your placement marker turns red for no apparent reason, there is a mine under that square. Group your mammoth tanks together as an air defense system. Destroy the other enemy units using your heavy tanks. Don't wander into the mines. Defeat the Allied vehicles that approach from the south and from the west. Destroy the turrets guarding the bridge north of your base with V2 rockets. Get a weapons factory and repair bay quickly, and create tank units. Scatter two or three SAM sites around your base. The Allies will make constant landings at certain points on your shore. Block their landing sites with heavy tanks. Scout the rest of your land mass with a heavy tank. Construct a subpen and build a wolfpack of submarines and a transport. Scout the eastern contours of your island. Some cruisers will open fire on your base. Build an airfield in the north-eastern corner of your base as a cruiser fire sponge. Sink the cruiser with your wolfpack. If the cruiser is close enough to shore, V2 rockets will also work well. Take your wolf pack north, and destroy any other naval units, the naval yard and a large section of bridge. The enemy ore trucks will start coming down to your island to gather ore. The loss of their ore trucks will be the deathblow to the Allies, so take them out any way you can. For best results, place your mammoth tanks in the middle of the ore patch and wait for the trucks. The Allies will end up sending six or seven trucks, so be prepared to wait a while before they run out of money. Run a large group of heavy tanks up the bridge north of your base. Concentrate your fire on the turrets, and try to squish the rocket infantry. Take out the power plants. Run more heavy tanks up the western side of the island and take out the power plants, but leave the AA guns and construction yard intact. Time to assault the base. The enemy helicopters are painful, but the base lacks AA guns in the west part of the base. Send an infantry squishing heavy tank up into the base from the western side. Render it invulnerable using the Iron Curtain, and run over the rocket infantry. If you're lucky, the cruisers will end up destroying much of their own forces. To take out the cruisers, take out their destroyer escorts from land. The channel is narrow enough for several heavy tanks to get good shots at the destroyers. Then, the cruisers can be sunk by either MiG or Hind helicopter. Put 10 heavy tanks and 5 V2 launchers into transports. Send them north through the east channel, and make landfall on the strip of beach. Move the V2s north to the very edge of the cliff, and destroy more power plants. Move west, eliminating everything you can see until the very last Allied unit and structure is gone.

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