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5 November 2003, 11:12:56 +0200
Really cool page goood stuff etc. have just one question which I din't found anwered on that page. I need the complete sentence of Kane wich you see when U install Red Allert. It's sth. like who conquers the past has power in the future or sth. similar. Who knows the full message please mail me or write it here.
THX SirBenniM
5 November 2003, 14:01:36 +0200
From: Österby, Sweden
I was looking through my old stuffs on the attic and i found R.A and i was overwhelmed by happiness!
Well well i just want to say this : Hail Red alert and kill the communists
8 November 2003, 06:36:48 +0200
From: NorthBay, Canada
Very nice site, with lots of goodies. Only one problam is anything over 100 kb, it wont download. Any sugestions.
11 November 2003, 14:55:03 +0200
From: Toronto, Canada
Do "Save Target As". All of the links DO work though. Need something specific, just email me.
12 November 2003, 09:59:14 +0200
thank you very much for the site - great one!!!
14 November 2003, 15:17:59 +0200
From: Gelenburg, Germany
greetings from the middle of Europe
16 November 2003, 08:07:35 +0200
From: auckland, NZ
I must say after C&C I moved onto WC3 - but RA is a good game all the same
18 November 2003, 03:42:52 +0200
Seargeant Wolf
From: The Good Old USA!!!
This Site Rocks!!! RA Is One Of The Best Real Time Strategy Games Ever!!
19 November 2003, 10:18:51 +0200
keep off
28 November 2003, 11:13:44 +0200
Really cool site! Wishes.......
5 December 2003, 10:38:38 +0200
From: Philly, US
Thanks for the great site guys. I've lost all of my old versions of RA and on a whim I found your site and downloaded the demo. Brought back a lot of good memories. I just can't register online. Thanks again. You guys rock.
6 December 2003, 18:53:30 +0200
PKV Private Krankenversicherung
From: Germany
Hello from PKV and Private KV
10 December 2003, 12:51:41 +0200
From: UK
I was hunting for information about books when I was accidentally caught in here. And although I don't know you, these pages were worth reading.
19 December 2003, 04:47:47 +0200
From: dayt0n ohio, usa
hey guys i play ra on everyone who palys should go there and play its fun to play online i am 1 of the greats left so i think u should come give me a challenge:)
20 December 2003, 16:53:09 +0200
From: Toronto, Canada
HELP....I was recently introduced to amd given Red Alert and can't put it down.
Great game, but I'm stuck at Mission SCG10 - Part Two, where we start off inside the control center.
Up to this point I've done pretty good, but can't seem to beat the timer to get the spy to Tanya?
I've slowed everything down or gone to full game speed and made a run for it, but no luck.
I've made it to the tanks, but not close enough to get Tanya out.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
21 December 2003, 20:29:41 +0200
From: Pörtom, Finland
This is a wery cool site! Red Alert is a wery fun game. I found another cool site today:, for you who like the music in Comand & Conquer and Red Alert (like I do)
26 December 2003, 08:52:02 +0200
From: blenhiem, nz
This site rocks!! Cool mods for this oldie but goodie!
27 December 2003, 14:59:30 +0200
Commander 3957639
From: Velserbroek, Holland
This is the best RA site ever!
Real nice.
31 December 2003, 19:02:26 +0200
I am glad that I'm not the only one who still swears to this brilliant game! Keep up the good work!
3 January 2004, 00:29:18 +0200
From: :D, Sweden
Great site...
o btw.. any1 here that gets ra 2 work on windows me..? i dont :(
3 January 2004, 03:54:59 +0200
Sly Fox
From: Fort Pane, United States of America
This by far is the best site I have ever seen for red alert it has more than "Westwood's" site. The best part is it's free most sites would make you pay something I think every one should give a applause to the creater and at least take a moment to sigh the guest book.
3 January 2004, 20:29:25 +0200
From: nyc, Usa
Wtf are you talking about this is a guest book please explain this tell a web site your talking about? i own rel alert and love it please inform me i wanna learn!!!!!!
4 January 2004, 19:14:12 +0200
hey, cool site!
C&C RA is the best C&C ever, and thanks to you i can play it under XP on LAN!
4 January 2004, 21:14:32 +0200
Cmdr. Madonna
From: Philadelphia, USA
Best C&C site ever! Just bought RA1 for $3.00. One of the best games ive ever played!
6 January 2004, 10:05:23 +0200
Scary Designs
that may because u use Windows XP
i had the same prob .
i put my cd in another driver and it worked but that is not the prb... i think :)
sry that i can't help out :(
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