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Command & Conquer: Red Alert is, in the site creator's opinion, one of the best games available for PC. It has pretty nice graphics, interesting gameplay, and it's very fun! You choose either the side of the Allies or the Soviets. So, wondering how Red Alert happened in the first place? Why don't you read the amazing story behind this game.

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Looking for old RA stuff
Russian Convoy mission fixes
Some small changes
Forgotten Red Alert
Aegean Conflict mission fixed
Map added: Qing-Admiral
New map: No Man's Land
New map: The Ultimate Battlefield
Custom saved games collection
Testdrive: Stealth Squad mission
Testdrive: Chrono Destruction
New maps uploaded
Testdrive: Die-hard mission [x10]
RA v3.03 trainer removed
Die Hard mission updated
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• Players: 2-4
• Map Size: 64 x 126
• Theater: TEMPERATE
• Rules mods: no
• Author: Sacrates
• Thumbnail:
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Looking for old RA stuff
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 16-May-2019 11:41:49 +0300
I'm looking for some old Red Alert fan made stuff that were "lost" ~20 years ago and have not yet been found.
There is list:

* Chain Reaction mission by snow_man12
* Kill'em All mission
* FromaRA1 mission by jamgran
* Delta Blast mission by David de Kremer
* Fall of the USSR campaign by FlameWolf

If you have anything from this list, please email me - I will reward you with small amount of $.
Russian Convoy mission fixes
Posted by RaZor on Tuesday, 14-May-2019 23:57:57 +0300
Some years ago I found this mission on my ftp server. Mission is made by Goatmessiah. Mission itself is quick and difficult enough. Unfortunately, it was impossible to beat it because mission objective triggers were broken.
Since the author is not interested in his stuff anymore, I fixed it myself today and uploaded to the Missions page.

I also filmed mission test video. You can watch it on YouTube (will be uploaded later) or Directly.
Some small changes
Posted by RaZor on Wednesday, 08-May-2019 11:16:25 +0300
- Added "Reset Filters" button to the Map search Form.

- Pagination bar located on the bottom of Map Archive pages should look better now.

- Changed site description a bit.

Have a nice play!
Forgotten Red Alert
Posted by RaZor on Friday, 03-May-2019 14:12:22 +0300
You may know or not, there are 2 versions of the C&C:Red Alert available for PC: one for DOS with a lower screen resolution (320x200, also known as VGA) for low spec PCs, and second for Windows 95 with higher resolution (640x400) for modern PCs (information is relevant at the date of release). I think it's not difficult for you to guess which version of RA I played in 96-97. ;) Even though the minimum system requirements for DOS version are 486DX2/66MHz and 8Mb RAM, I ran RA on 486SX/33MHz with only 4Mb of memory! It took a very long (about 5 minutes) to start RA on that PC. The game worked very slowly, but was quite playable on small maps with small amount of units.

Recently I assembled PC from various old hardware parts and decided to play the DOS version of RA again... Why not? :)

At the first minutes of gameplay I felt uncomfortable. But after while I got used to good old "pixelized" VGA graphics, and damn, I started to enjoy it! It seems to me that gameplay in such low resolution is much harder, and therefore more interesting (don't know how to say it right). Also it seems that DOS version is more stable than RA95 - I can't remember any hangs or crashes every time I played it.
Overall it was pretty fun experience, like I chronoshifted back in 1996! :)

I filmed gaming process. You can watch it on YouTube or Directly (better quality, old PC friendly).
The video was speed-ed up x2 to make it shorter. I'm playing at lower game speed because my reaction got slower (aging sucks).
Aegean Conflict mission fixed
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 02-May-2019 12:45:59 +0300
A few months ago I received email from visitor Jeff. He said that the single player mission "Aegean Conflict" does not work properly and that he has fixed broken triggers in it.

I checked and played his fixed version last weekend, and I can say it works well! I already uploaded it, so you can download and play it too.

I also created a video while playing... I'll post it later. :)

Good job Jeff, thank you!
Map added: Qing-Admiral
Posted by RaZor on Monday, 03-Dec-2018 14:02:48 +0200

I just uploaded a new map that was sent to me by DutterDutt. The author says that the map is for naval battles only against human players, not AI. And also it contains some triggers. I think it should be interesting! (I love maps with triggers ;) ).

The link to new map: http://ra.afraid.org/maps/?name=Qing-Admiral
New map: No Man's Land
Posted by RaZor on Saturday, 09-Jun-2018 16:55:21 +0300
Many thanks to visitor DutterDutt and his friend Sage who made a well-looking map named "No Man's Land" and sent it to archive.

A more map details and download link is located here.
New map: The Ultimate Battlefield
Posted by RaZor on Friday, 26-Jan-2018 23:26:04 +0200
I would like to thank visitor Jonathan Galletta who contributed his own multiplayer map named "The Ultimate Battlefield" to the Red Alert Archive.

Map details and download link is avaible here.
Custom saved games collection
Posted by RaZor on Wednesday, 25-Oct-2017 18:25:58 +0300
Just uploaded some of saved games I made when I played custom missions.
Also I found some other saved games on my old PC. Those saved games were made by my friend long time ago. I uploaded all of them too. Maybe they will interest someone else. :)

The URL where the files are stored: ftp://ra.afraid.org/pub/redalert/savedgames/custom
Please note, these saved games were made in Red Alert v2.00 (Aftermath), so you will need this version if you want to play them.
Testdrive: Stealth Squad mission
Posted by RaZor on Wednesday, 25-Oct-2017 18:18:05 +0300
Played this one today. Mission made by Pookie (what a funny nickname! :)).

Quick, not hard, and has something uhmm...unusual. 7/10.
Testdrive: Chrono Destruction
Posted by RaZor on Sunday, 30-Apr-2017 10:37:43 +0300

> select name, author_name from ra_missions
> where is_published=1 and is_reviewed=0
> order by rand() limit 1;
| name | author_name |
| Chrono Destruction | Aaro Ruohonen |
1 row in set

Played this one last night. It's long and similar to Nosferatu's Meanest mission, but much easier. Also I very enjoyed playing for the Ukrainian side.

PS> Actually I was planning to capture the Chronosphere instead of destroying it, but something went wrong :)
PPS> looks like I beat my personal record for casualties! :>

Forgot to say: thank you Aaro!

To be continued...
New maps uploaded
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 27-Apr-2017 13:01:01 +0300
Uploaded 4 high quality mega maps made by MSZP-Reborn.
In fact, these maps were uploaded to public ftp somewhere in 2014, but I forgot to check them for some reason.
Forgive me, author. I hope you are not disappointed. Anyway, its always better late than never. ;)

You can grab them from here: http://ra.afraid.org/maps/?author=MSZP-Reborn&size=mega
Testdrive: Die-hard mission [x10]
Posted by RaZor on Friday, 31-Mar-2017 18:22:11 +0300
Finally, tested Die-Hard mission, originally created by Wilco Engelsman. It seem to work fine:
All trigs and teamtypes works as they should without crashing the game. A few 'zombie' units found at the enemy base but this doesn't affect gameplay.
There were 2 freezes during gameplay caused by nVidia GPU or it's driver. With integrated intel GPU Red Alert runs perfectly without any freeze at all. However integrated GPU really sucks(slow), even with slightly old games like TES4,TES5,Starcraft2 and also eats much system memory. Thats why I'm not using it.

Tested on: i5-4690 / Win7x64 PCA=off / Red Alert version 2.00
Music track: unknown, named as 117.mp3 on my PC
RA v3.03 trainer removed
Posted by RaZor on Sunday, 12-Feb-2017 21:23:34 +0200
I have removed RA v3.03 trainer from the archive: the trainer itself uses CheatEngine that is detected as malware by various antivirus software. Ofcouse it's false-positive but who cares? proof1, proof2, proof3

Thanks you google for your net dictatorship! ;)
Die Hard mission updated
Posted by RaZor on Thursday, 09-Feb-2017 17:57:57 +0200
I have reuploaded Die Hard mission: fixed buggy triggers which causes game to crash. Many thanks to Zyrco who reported broken mission and helped to fix it.
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