This page contains tips and tactics for completing every Allied mission on the Aftermath CD.

A general tip for all the missions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part of the mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose the mission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return to various points in the mission.

Harbor Reclamation
Things get hot pretty quickly. Kill the spy before he can report; plop down a barracks building and train three riflemen. By scattering a few pillboxes around your base, you can more or less forget about having to defend your base. The pillboxes do the job automatically.

The key to completing this mission is to prevent the Soviet forces from earning any money. When they earn money, they turn it into tanks and bombs, and that's not really in your best interest. So send a group of medium tanks into the heart of the northern ore field. Sit here and blast the Soviet ore trucks into oblivion.

Follow your tanks around with a pair of mechanics and attack the base on the left side of the ore. As long as you keep the mechanics behind the tanks, you'll be invincible. It's just like having an iron curtain.

Next, send in some engineers to capture the weapons factory and other buildings. Sprinkle pillboxes around this base just like you did in your first. Some V2 launchers would come in handy to take out some of those Tesla coil emplacements in the base that remains to the east. Mop up at your leisure. There won't be any more surprises.

In the Nick of Time
Mass your tanks into a single group. Proceed along the path, destroying enemy tanks with concentrated firepower and squashing the enemy infantry as you move along. Throw the full force of your armor against the Tesla coil and destroy it before it can kill more than one or two of your units.

The reinforcements you receive should make up for any casualties. The demolition truck is too much of a wildcard to have tag alongside your troops. Get rid of it as quickly as you can. Rescue the prisoners in the village to get a medic and mechanic. If you can repair your chronotanks before the attack choppers destroy them completely, you'll have a strong anti-air presence for the duration of the mission.

When you send your spy north, some reinforcements will fall out of the sky. Unfortunately, they happen to be in range of a nearby Tesla coil. You can kill the coil by shooting some nearby barrels.

Capture the barracks and the power plant that are in the northeast corner of the map. Build an engineer and some more ground troops. There's a minefield just to the left of where you are now, but you can force-fire on the ground to clear them all up.

Rush the west base with your tank hordes. Your target priorities are the ore refineries, the barracks, and the weapons factory. Slip an engineer into the HQ building to free the prisoners. Once free, get them back across the bridge and to the signal flare. As long as you never stop running, you'll have a hassle-free journey to the pickup point.

Caught in the Act
The object of this mission is to hop Tanya from one island to the other, freeing prisoners as you go along. If you shoot them personally, Tanya can kill legions of enemy soldiers. But if you look away for even a second, you'll be scraping her ponytail off the ground. Weighing the choice between saving prisoners and killing soldiers is what this mission is all about.

Your first stop is the island to the north. After you kill the soldiers, load Tanya and the prisoners into the water transport. All but one - leave that soldier up by the crate. The crate will heal all your units back to full health, but you should save it for a rainy day.

When Tanya hits the second island, your friends will send a transport chopper to make your island-hopping easier. No sooner does it land, however, then a pack of MiG fighters try to blow it up. The very instant the chopper touches down, select it and move it away. The fighters' rockets will impact harmlessly on the surface. There's a healing crate on this island also. Again, leave someone who can pick it up in an emergency.

The enemy attack helicopters are big, noisy nuisances. The moment your reinforcements touch down, the enemy choppers cut them to pieces. The solution is to load the rocket infantry into the transport helicopter, then shove Tanya in after them. Tanya kills the soldiers, and the rocket infantry kill the enemy attack choppers.

Don't let any of your rocket infantry die! You need every one of them for later. As they stand before the gates of death, pick up one of the heal crates you left behind. Viola! What a miraculous recovery! Enemy subs dot the waters, and your gunboats will take a beating unless you kill the subs with the "shoot while moving" technique.

When you arrive at the northeast island, send your spy along with Tanya. Breach a hole in the wall with your rocket infantry and send Tanya and the spy through to the radar dome. Infiltrate the dome with your spy to muck things up for the bad guys.

The northwest island seems impenetrable, but it isn't. When your tanks arrive, run over the enemy soldiers, but don't venture too far to the north or west. Otherwise, the Tesla coils will rip them apart. Your destroyers have an advantage of range, though, so you can safely shoot at the Tesla coils from the water. All you have to do to finish the mission is land the rest of your troops on the shore and destroy the tech center.

Production Disruption
Separate the doctor from the soldiers. He's easily the most valuable asset on the field and you can't afford to let him get injured. You can still heal your injured soldiers in the middle of a firefight, but do it from a safe distance.

Destroying the two power plants will net you a couple of demolition trucks and a handful of engineers. Detonate the demolition trucks against the flame turrets to open the way for your engineers. Get them into the radar dome to capture it.

Your reward is a gift of three chronotanks. Move these tanks to the northeast until you reach the northernmost tip of the island. The sub pen is over to your left, but you'll never destroy it from this side of the wall. Chronoshift the tanks over to the little island by the sub pen and fire away!

Blow up the SAM sites to the east so that your helicopter reinforcements can destroy the flame turret blocking your way. Once past the barricade, kill the soldiers attacking the farmhouse. A friendly little fellow will pop out and lead you to the hostages.

The hostages, when freed, will follow Tanya's every move. Get her back to the church in the bottom-right corner of the map. You may have one hairy moment when a tank blocks your path across the river, but you can duck into the forest to evade it. There's also a crate there, next to the tree.

Tanya will signal for reinforcements when you return her to the landing zone. Winning the mission is a matter of killing the remaining tanks and infantry. The mechanic can keep your tanks in tiptop condition.

Monster Tank Madness
Capture the power plant and the sub pen. Remember that you must damage them both into the red before you can take them over. Steal credits from the silo and use the money to make a water transport. Land everyone on the shore to the north.

Repair the power plants and start gathering ore from the field just to your south. Send a spy to the east. Avoid the bridge, and follow the lay of the land until you find the brick wall. Get him into the radar dome to turn the super tanks against their creators. What a great diversion!

Now you can rescue the scientist. Send an empty APC to the village in the south. Load the scientist into the APC and scoot back to base. Once back, get him out of the APC and into the chopper.

Time Flies
The first half of the mission is very straightforward. Destroy the radar domes as you hop from one island to the next. There are no real obstacles. The chronotank's missiles are very effective against the flame turrets that are scattered about. If you see what looks like trouble, you can leapfrog over it. Bringing down the SAM coverage isn't the end of it. Your reinforcements won't come until Tanya blows up the power plants for the remaining Tesla coil. Once you get the MCV, deploy it at the base of the northern plateau.

Everything ever said about cutting off the enemy's ore supply goes double here. The heat comes quickly since they have four ore trucks gathering ore from the southern field. To kill them and their escorts, storm the ore field with six or seven medium tanks as a coordinated group.

Without the revenue from ore, the Soviets can not produce any new units. The Tesla coils still pose a problem, though. Send a spy into the northeastern base and locate the coils. After destroying the coils with helicopters, send in a group of tanks to knock out the first missile silo.

Send the same spy into the southern base. This time, locate the power plants. Chronoshift a few chronotanks and destroy the power plants. Without juice, the remaining Tesla coils are powerless to stop your main advance.

Absolute M.A.D.ness
At regular intervals, invisible M.A.D tanks will wreck havoc on your units and buildings. The only way to stop them is to destroy the M.A.D facility located on a remote island. To do this, sneak spies into three technology centers.

Start off by repairing the damaged buildings. To the south, past some forest, large patches of gems await to be gathered by your ore truck. Use the money to construct power plants, pillbox defenses, and to repair your base. Once you use up the gems, start gathering ore from the huge field of gold to the right of your base.

Send your first spy south. Ignore all the intimidating defensive structures and head straight into the technology center. With the dogs on full alert, it will be impossible to infiltrate the remaining centers undetected. You can build an APC, though, and stick the spy inside. Send the first APC to the east. Don't bother to shoot anything, but if you can run over some dogs, so much the better. Just find the tech center and get the spy inside. Do the same thing for the tech center in the southeast.

When the flares pop up on the island, use your chronotanks' inherent abilities. Materialize on top of soldiers for an automatic squish. Run over the remaining soldiers, then destroy the facility and the construction yard. So much for the M.A.D tanks. The iron curtain is located in the southeast, right by the technology center. Churn out a horde of medium tanks and bulldoze the remaining buildings.

Since the Soviets receive an unlimited supply of tanks and aircraft without having to refine any ore, this mission will take a while. That's not to say that you shouldn't go after the enemy ore trucks; just don't be surprised to see MiGs and Tesla tanks materialize out of nothing.

There's a fair bit of micro-management to do. Move some of the artillery to cover the spots that don't have any anti-infantry defense, and move some of the rocket infantry away from the very edge of the base. When you come under attack, the idea is to kill the infantry using pillboxes and artillery, and to destroy the vehicles using turrets and tanks. The rocket infantry are there to shoot down aircraft. After the initial onslaught, repair your damaged buildings. If you need to repair a vehicle, don't use the repair bay, but train a mechanic instead. It's more cost-effective. Mine the narrow pathways to the north, the west, and the east. There's a bridge in the eastern area that you should blow up. It will force the enemy units to come through the narrow eastern gap. You'll have to make several minelayer trips, but a thickly seeded minefield will do a lot of the dirty work for you.

There's a crate full of money under the oil field outside your east gate. If you can wait until the enemy paratroopers arrive before lighting them up, you'll take a fair number out in the process. Other than that, sit tight until reinforcements arrive.

Once you get the MCV, sell your fake structures and replace them with the genuine articles. Construct a refinery and an advanced power plant where the fake weapons factories used to be. Splatter camouflaged pillboxes inside and outside your base and stick a couple of AA guns out over your north wall.

You can get a couple of destroyers just by exploring the terrain to the northeast. Move them to the west shoreline so that they can support your tank attacks and protect you from aircraft. If you want another crate, look under the supply truck near the church in the northwest. This is a great spot for setting up an ore truck ambush. Five tanks of any size will be more than enough for the task.

As you move around the ore field, some tanks and a mechanic will land in the very upper-left corner of the map. Your purpose here is to ambush the second Soviet ore truck and destroy the airfields. It's not critical that you destroy them all, but every little bit helps.

The only way into the Soviet compound is to throw tanks at the Soviet defenses. Send five or six medium tanks at a time against one of the Tesla coils, and fall back when you destroy it. Repeat as necessary. By setting up a staging area by the destroyers, you can make your job easier. Stage some mechanics and medics here to quickly repair your damaged tanks. Keep chipping away at the Soviet turrets and towers, and you'll eventually destroy the whole base.

Author: Jarrod Hampton
Source: The Aftermath Strategy Guide
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