This section is for INI-files. These are used to change the characteristics of units, structures and weapons during a game of Red Alert.

To use these files:
Click on the filename of the rules you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive.
Unzip the rules you want to your main Red Alert directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT). This can be done using PKUnzip or PeaZip utility which can be freely downloaded.
Make sure the file is now called Rules.ini (rename it if necessary).
You can now start up Red Alert and choose to play any game (missions or multiplayer) and the newrules will be active.

Note, if you play multiplayer games with other human players then all players will need a copy of the Rules.ini in their Red Alert directory. If you wish to remove these files simply delete or rename the rules.ini file and restart Red Alert.

Original INI-files:

Rules.ini 17 kb
Original Rules.ini This file allow you to cheating in Red Alert. Simply edit this file in your Notepad(change unit cost, fire damage and many more..), then move in your Red Alert directory. Download

Rules.ini (expert edition) 6 kb
Same as original Rules.ini, but for advanced users. It doesn't contains comments. Download

Aftrmath.ini 2 kb
The default .ini file for the new Aftermath units. You can edit this file and place it in your main RA directory. Download

Mplayer.ini 0.3 kb
Allow to change many settings for Aftermath multiplayer games. Download

Tutorial.ini 2 kb
Allow to change and add new text-triggers in Red Alert. Download

Mission.ini 4 kb
Allow to change briefing text in singleplayer missions. Download

Mission.pkt 3 kb
Allow to change names for multiplayer scenarios. Download

User-modified INI-files:

Counterstrike Rules.ini 17 kb
Adds Counterstrike units to normal RA! Download

Aftermath units unhider 2 kb
There is a hidden Aftermath unit which is not normally available at all in Aftermath - the Helicarrier. There is also the Phase Tank which is used in some Aftermath missions but not available in multiplayer games. Thanks to Geerling for file! Download

Command & Comedy 37 kb
Really funny Rules.ini ;-) Download
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