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11 November 2004, 08:00:06 +0200
From: Vancouver, Canada
Great website add it to favourites, its worth it
12 November 2004, 00:16:37 +0200
From: rozaje, montenegro
is there someone who wil tell me whats the problem when i run red alert--------unable to allocate primary video buffer
25 November 2004, 03:22:39 +0200
Michael Perks
From: Gero, Australia
I am impressed with this website. I am very grateful for finding this site so i could download Red Alert.
25 November 2004, 19:21:23 +0200
From: Liverpool, UK
Very impressed with the site. After I discovered to my horror that RA didn't work on my new PC, I just had to download Hellmarch.
Anyone got any other suggestions for tracks to download?
28 November 2004, 10:53:50 +0200
From: Finland
Best site, for the best game. Thank you, again.
It reminds me of the old happy days of Westwood.
All hail Westwood!
4 December 2004, 21:06:23 +0200
From: Colorado Springs, Colorado
I just got a new PC with Windows XP. Unfortunately Red Alert recognizes XP as Windows 5.1 and it tells me that Windows 95 or more recent is required. Then the install terminates. I'm not certain which version of RA I have; I bought it 5 years ago in a box set of C&C, Covert Ops, RA, CS, & AM. If anyone knows of a fix for this please let me know.
7 December 2004, 03:06:28 +0200
John Misoyianis
From: Cypress, TX, US oF A!
I played red alert a long time ago and i loved it. I bought tiberium sun and some other C&C games and found that for some reason, they SUCK. Dont know why but ill never find a replacement. Love the site. Anyone else feel this way?
7 December 2004, 05:18:26 +0200
Steven Bell
From: Dixon, USA
Look forward to playing new missions.
15 December 2004, 14:26:15 +0200
From: Örebro, Sweden
Really nice homepage, looking for an original RA Cd then i shall start to play again. The best game ever made Red Alert Have a nice day
19 December 2004, 00:18:16 +0200
pun hell
From: city, china
Really,really nice!!!You have proven yourself the best ra1 site ever!!!
20 December 2004, 01:35:54 +0200
hey does anyone know if westwood is still running, i dunno i cant log into it..can someone please send me and email or respond here..thanx
21 December 2004, 10:30:55 +0200
From: Dixon, U.S.A.
I'm having a hell of a time getting through level 14 allied side. Anyone got any good ideas ? Thanks for the help!!!
23 December 2004, 20:04:40 +0200
hey does anyone know if u can still play on westwood online, if so please email me...***reward is granted
25 December 2004, 20:51:52 +0200
Michal K.
From: Frenstat, Czech Republic
It's very good page.I'm going to download some programs and unlock hidden units
3 January 2005, 16:22:24 +0200
From: belgium
hey RWP, shouldn't you consider updating this website, since apparently a lot of people still visit this site, including me! it is a great site
3 January 2005, 16:24:04 +0200
From: belgium
btw ben, westwood has been bought, so it doesn't exist anymore
5 January 2005, 15:29:21 +0200
From: Sweden
hi. A question. can you play red alert if you have Windows XP? Is there a patch or something to find? Best regards Tony
8 January 2005, 10:10:09 +0200
Andrej Bartek
From: Svit, Slovakia
This Is The best thing in the World.:)
8 January 2005, 18:16:50 +0200
From: firestorm, easteregg
---=== realy thx for this nice site ===---
...::: Plz keep it alive nice greez :::...
8 January 2005, 20:01:09 +0200
16 January 2005, 07:00:06 +0200
From: San Miguel, argentina
Nice site... Steve, u said u have a prblem getten through level 14 in allied site, well i took more than 2 month to get through, just keep on insisting, u will be able to get through. C ya all
19 January 2005, 20:47:42 +0200
From: Keiv, Russia
Hello Does Anyone Know Where i Can Download The Full Varsion Of Red Alert 2 Because i Cant Find Any Website's Please Tell Me If You Know One.
24 January 2005, 00:34:56 +0200
From: D
nice work, just want that to say great honors 2 you!!!
24 January 2005, 04:56:32 +0200
I downloaded RA Full, how come when I use the 303 patch, it tells me "Red Alert registration entries not found"?
24 January 2005, 20:57:01 +0200
I have windows xp. wen i try to install RA it says u like rong version or there a patch for RA that will work for Windows XP????
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