The "Bad Guys" in Red Alert. There is some information provided about the Soviet forces, along with extra information provided by myself:

* IDEOLOGY: It came to Stalin in a series of dreams. The birthright of the Soviet Empire is nothing less that conquering and dominating the entire globe. And the birthright of Josef Stalin is nothing less than conquering the spirit and dominating the actions of every Soviet citizen. Stalin wants to rule the world. Can't a bad guy try doing something else for once? Anyway, to do this involves taking Europe without letting the Americans in on the act which is fine because the Americans are quite happy watching this war - and who can blame them?

* CURRENT HEAD OF STATE: Josef Stalin. Well it couldn't really be anyone else could it?

* BASE OF OPERATIONS: Entire EuroAsian peninsula. Command posts identified in Moscow, Kiev, Stalingrad, Khartoum, Karachi, Da Nang. So it isn't going to be easy to beat the Soviets by taking out their headquarters then...

* MILTIARY STRENGTH: Enlisted forces exceed 14 million. Non-regular forces including police and NKVD, about 7 million. And that's a lot! They probably have more policemen than the Allies have civilians!

* ECONOMIC STRENGTH: Considerable operating assets believed to be in excess of 486.2 billion Swiss Francs. I think that's around £250 or US $400. You wouldn't believe it though when you have to take out an Allied strongpost with just 5000 credits in the bank!

* POLITICAL STRENGTH: Since every person in the Soviet Union must be a member of the Communist party, an incredible agent network of over 200 million civilians have infiltrated the governments of most Pan African, Pan Indian and Pan Asian governments with suspected strongholds in Mexico City and Vancouver. So the Soviets know about everything happening everywhere without the need for spies. Lucky for them really, seeing as they can't train spies in the game...

* AFFILIATIONS: World Democratic Society; Asian Defence League; Freedom Consortium.

* SEE ALSO: Henderson, D.K. and Chou, K.L., Soviet Terrorist Activities. Assuming of course you can read Russian.

SOVIET WEAPONRY: The Soviets have a lot of brute force. All units and structures are detailed in the intelligence section of this site, but the units include: Heavy and Mammoth tanks, V2 Rocket Launchers, Submarines, Mig and Yak Attack planes. Watch out for a group of Heavy Tanks. They are cost-effective and extremely efficient in groups of around 8 or more. The Soviets also have the powerful Tesla Coil defence structure.

TOP SECRET: The Soviets are winning the race to develop Nuclear weapons. They are also working on the ultimate weapon for brute force, an invulnerability device dubbed the 'Iron Curtain'. Fortunately for the Allies it is only a temporary effect.

Author: Brian Bird
Source: Red Alert Handbook, IncREDible Alert
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