This page contains tips and tactics for completing every Soviet mission on the Aftermath CD.

A general tip for all the missions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part of the mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose the mission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return to various points in the mission.

Testing Ground
Deploy your MCV by the shore. The Allies waste no time in attacking you, so get your barracks ready. A few rifle infantrymen should tide you over until you can get some flame turrets up. Try to get two ore trucks going, and gather ore from both the right and the left ore fields.

Flame turrets are a good defense against the infantry and the smaller vehicles, but they are no match for the chronotanks. What you need are Tesla Coils. Plop them down on both sides of your base.

The chronotanks aren't the worst of your problems. You also need to contend with the Allied navy. If you don't act quickly, the cruisers will come knocking on your door. Send at least three submarines to the north end of the island. Wreck the shipyard and any boats they may have built. Go to the west side of the island and destroy the ships you find here.
Once again, how difficult this mission becomes depends on how quickly you can kill the enemy ore trucks. The Allied ore trucks frequent the ore deposits to the northeast and northwest. Set up your ambush around these zones.

Construct a missile submarine and use it to bombard everything within sight of the coast. There are a number of coastal defense batteries and Gap Generators in operation. If you surface too close to the shore, you'll get whacked. Hang back a bit and let a normal submarine act as a spotter for your missile sub. Let the normal submarine get underneath the Gap cover while you shell the targets with your missile sub. Close in only when you're absolutely sure that you've neutralized all the coastal defenses.

After destroying all the units you can reach from the water, send in the armor to mop up and end the mission.

Shock Therapy
At the start of the mission, send your shock troopers to the west and south. You'll fight your first electric battle here as you toast the village. Remember that shock troopers can't shoot and walk at the same time. You'll find that they fight best when you let the enemy walk into the Tesla range on their own accord.

Walk east. There is a crate under a solitary farmhouse. Follow the river and go over the crossing. Destroying the pillboxes will cost you the lives of some of your men, but that's what they are for. As you approach the base to the south, you'll get some Tesla tank and missile sub reinforcements. Shell the buildings with your submarines. Vacate the area before the destroyers appear. We'll take care of them later.

You can shell the village in the northeast with your missile subs if you're too lazy to move your tanks all the way there. You will receive a V2 launcher and a demolition truck. Send the V2 launcher south to the shore where the destroyers are lurking. Edge the launcher towards the sea one square at a time until it locks on target and fires.

Move the remainder of your forces to the northwest. If you've destroyed all civilian and military units and buildings, this will be your last engagement. If the mission doesn't end, take a close look at the map to see what you've missed.

Let's Make a Steal
Chitzkoi the Super Dog can leap from one victim to the next without needing to return to his original position. Volkov, on the other hand, sports a silenced hand cannon. Heaven knows how you'd go about silencing a hand cannon, but apparently it can be done. The goal of this mission is to make your way through the rooms in search of the secret weapon. You need to manipulate a number of wall-mounted control panels to safely navigate the corridors.

Follow the southern corridor to the east. Stand on the computer panel to activate it. When you hear an explosion, you'll know that you've activated the panel. Continue on to the large room and turn north into the next. Head east until you reach a small, square room.

Go south until you spot another wall-mounted control panel on the left. Activate it, and go back up the way you came. From the square room, follow the eastern passageway. It leads south to yet another room with yet another control panel. Activate it and continue south.

Infiltrating the technology center is only the first part of your mission. Go back to the small, square room and go south once again. Take the western corridor at the T-junction. It leads into a room full of immobile tanks. Follow the southern corridor. It will wind east, then north, then east, and lead you to a room with a huge reactor. Activate the control panel in the southern part of the reactor room.

Go back the way you came, but this time turn south at the T-junction. After a little way, the corridor will hit an east-west passageway. Trip the control panel to the east. It's the one above the room with the empty boxes and heal-all powerup crate. Walk west past the power plant and weapons factory. Trip the control panel in the west wall before infiltrating the weapons factory.

Now that you have the tank, you need to make your exit. Go back towards the reactor room, but carry on past it. Take the first corridor to the east and follow it to the very end. Ignore the tanks shooting at you and just get out in one piece.

Test Drive
Your phase tank has a few interesting qualities. Yes, it's invisible, but infantry units and pillboxes will see it if you get close to them. Furthermore, it has to decloak to fire its missiles. The missiles do a lot of damage to vehicles and buildings, but are useless against infantry. They have enough range to destroy pillboxes and turrets from a safe distance.

Volkov will actually fit inside the phase tank. When you come across infantry, you can unload the phase tank and Volkov will pop out with guns blazing. When no one is left around to see, load Volkov back into the tank and continue on your way.

Your first target is the technology center in the northwest. Run past the blockade, ignoring the vehicles that fire on you. Unload Volkov in the middle of the base and use his demolition kit to destroy the barracks and the tech center. To get some reinforcements, destroy the AA guns with the phase tank.

Your next target is the radar dome in the southeast. Enter the base from its west gate, and run over any infantry that gets in your way. Blow up the barracks and radar dome with the demolition kits, and destroy the AA guns with the phase tank.

Keep Volkov close to the phase tank and organize the shock troops into a tight group. They're going to have to fend for themselves for a while. Your task now is to destroy the gunboats and destroyers using a wolfpack of submarines. Form a rank just in front or behind the ships you want to sink and fire all your torpedoes simultaneously. Move on to the next ship and repeat.

Once you get your reinforcements, join up with Volkov in the southeast base. Escort the phase tank to the river crossing to the north, and destroy the pillboxes and turrets. There's a sweet spot in the middle of the crossing where the phase tank can shoot at all four targets while remaining just out of their firing range. To complete your mission, destroy all remaining traces of the Allied presence.

Don't Drink the Water
Leading with your grenadiers, keep to the road until it ends. Move the truck to the waterfall to start a chain of gruesome deaths. Once in the enemy compound, capture the chronosphere. Remember that to capture buildings, you need to soften them up beforehand by damaging them into the red.
The chronosphere needs power to charge, so capture and repair one of the power plants. Capture the barracks as well, but leave the ore silos alone for now. You can capture them later once you establish your base on the big island.

Use the chronosphere to get the MCV over the water. Move north, and deploy your construction yard just south of the creek. There's a large gem deposit in the northwest corner of the map, and you should gather that up as soon as you can.

Your northern base will come under constant attack from infantry and vehicles. Once you build a Tesla coil at the east edge of your base and surround it with a concrete wall, defending your base becomes much easier. Deploy Tesla coils in your chronosphere base also. Put one by your power plants, and place another north of the chronosphere itself. These are to protect your base from the enemy destroyers and cruisers. Get rid of the cruisers forever by building a sub pen to the north of your chronosphere. Destroy both the naval yard and any ships in the harbor.

Now, plop a war factory next to your chronosphere and build ten heavy tanks. Put these tanks into transports and sail up the river to the eastern edge. Come ashore just past the ruins of the bridge. This is the enemy's backdoor. Ignore the base defenses and drive through to the middle of the enemy camp. Destroy the power plants, the ore refineries, and helicopter pads.

After you've destroyed the pillboxes and other engineer-eating units, capture the tech center. Then, to complete your mission, destroy any remaining enemy units.

Situation Critical
This one is simple. Destroy the two power plants near your missile subs to disable the Tesla coils. Volkov and the scientist will arrive presently. You've got to get them to the bio-lab in the middle of the island. Using Volkov's demolition kit, destroy the two power plants you pass on your way to the northern entrance. Important note: Don't waste any of the Tesla coils!

Once the scientist is inside the bio-lab, work your way around the perimeter, destroying the SAM sites as you go around. When you destroy the last SAM site, nuclear bombs will fall from the sky. You'll still lose the mission if you get caught in the blasts.

Brothers in Arms
Getting your spy into the base is the easy part. The hard part is getting out! After you eavesdrop on the conversations in the courtyard and inside the HQ building, you'll have to sprint like a chicken to stand a chance of surviving. As you dash past the barrels, the most inept of the two brothers will shoot at you and miss, blowing the tin cans sky high. If you're lucky, the dogs chasing you will get barbecued. If you're not lucky, you'll have to restart. You did save, didn't you?

Make your way back to the landing zone to get some reinforcements. Deploy the MCV somewhere in the northwest, but keep your buildings away from the shore. Construct a couple of SAM sites for protection. The enemy will try to sneak Tanya in from the peninsula in the west. You can simply block this portion off with concrete wall.

There's an ore field in the south with some gems, but to win the mission, you have to wrestle for control of the northern ore field. Place your tanks inside the ore field and destroy all the enemy trucks that come your way. Meanwhile, plop a weapons factory down to build some reinforcements.

Once you are king of the ore field, explore the eastern part of the map. There are money crates under the tech center. Be sure to pick them up. Destroy the enemy sub pen too. Plop down a sub pen inside the water - stretch your way to the coast with ore silos if need be. You'll need about four submarines to kill the destroyers that attack from the north. Your tanks might be able to assist from the shore. Send them round the southwest corner to the water by your original landing zone. Ambush the cruiser here.

Eventually, the two brothers get pissed off enough to come after you. One has a mortar, the other an elephant gun. They're pretty tough, but your tanks and V2 launchers should be more than enough to handle them. To finish the mission after you kill them, destroy whatever is left.

Deus ex Machina
The only anti-aircraft units you have are your mammoth tanks. They'll give you a little relief from the marauding helicopters. Maneuver your tanks to the north, and then head east. Using concentrated firepower, destroy the tanks and artillery pieces. Safely destroy the demolition truck by using a mammoth tank to blow it up at a distance. If all goes well, you'll only catch the very edge of the blast.

Your first assault will be on the northwestern island. Bombard its coastline with two or three missile subs. Nothing can withstand concentrated missile sub fire. Land five of your heavy tanks on the island's east shore. When you spot a turret firing on you, destroy it with your missile subs. In total, there are seven turrets lined up at the top of that cliff. Blow up the radar dome on the island.

Send a spy plane to the very northeastern part of the map. Try to uncover the weapons factory. When you do, you're likely to spot a demolition truck close by. Drop a bunch of paratroopers on it. The explosion will take out the weapons factory, and cut the supply of tanks.

Bombard the northern island and land another five tanks. Destroy the radar dome. Underneath the toy factories, you'll find crates worth 12,000 in cash. Don't pass them up!

All you need to do now is create a dozen heavy tanks and storm the base in the northeast. Destroy the radar dome there, then swing south and around to the left. When you blow up the last radar dome, you'll be told that Volkov is in the fake weapons factory. Send in an engineer to release Volkov. Volkov will destroy many of your tanks, but you will eventually wear him down and kill him. If it is taking too long, feel free to use some of your air power.

Grunyev Revolution
The civilian with a nuclear bomb strapped to his chest will come as a surprise to some of you. Such wackiness is mere par for the course. The civilians in this mission are armed with everything from rocket launchers to Molotov cocktails.

Get your surviving mammoth tanks to the northeast for some reinforcements, and deploy your construction yard to the north of your location. Large deposits of gems surround the pond just past a clump of trees to the west. When the gems on the right side of the pool run out, swing around to the left side to get to the other half.

Guard dogs and anti-personnel mines are your best weapons. The pass south of the pond is an ideal place for your AP minefield. You can put the dogs just about anywhere. As long as they are set on "guard", they'll protect you from civilians and paratroopers alike.

You'll still get the occasional tank wandering into your base, but they shouldn't pose any threat. You want to sit tight until you've advanced enough to deploy a missile sub. Send the sub north and to the west. Take out as many power stations and turrets as you can, then sit tight until the villagers send their women and children after you.

Stalin's elite guard should show up after you kill the wave of civilians. This is both a blessing and a curse. Though the elite mammoth tank battalion starts out attacking the civilian encampments, they soon begin marching on you in their search for warm blood. When they get close enough to your base to pose a real threat, destroy them. The mission ends when the last elite guard unit is destroyed.

Author: Jarrod Hampton
Source: The Aftermath Strategy Guide
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