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9 May 2003, 16:36:54 +0300
The Buzz
From: Goldsboro, USA
Great site. Keep it up. Lots of good stuf here. One of the best sites I've seen yet.
13 May 2003, 20:01:16 +0300
rcp90 A.K.A. Scatologist
From: Classified, Canada
I love the site! It has alot of new units and everything! I'm making a MIX, maybe it will be liked? Who knows? Anyway, this site has well increased my Red Alert playability!
15 May 2003, 06:38:32 +0300
Jeremy Gonyea
Wonderful site...really helpful
I didn't realize how much stuff was out there until I found this site
18 May 2003, 15:29:12 +0300
From: Singapore
This is a great site indeed. This site remarks that RA isn't dead yet!
Great job!
20 May 2003, 13:52:22 +0300
From: New york, usa
OMg you guys have helped me so much. ive been search for a way to get these files .I all ways had to go tofile planet and get them or sign up at other dumb places .Thanks im going to tell every red alert fan i know about this place .
26 May 2003, 10:44:59 +0300
This is truely the best RA1 Site I have Ever seen. But im beginning to loose faith in the game with westwood now gone. And RA2 and Generals now out....i think theres not to many RA1 players left(i still play). well any way RED ALERT ROCKS!!! AMERICA KICKED IRAQ'S A$$!!!!(sorry to all u iraqi supporters but HAHA) ;)
27 May 2003, 10:43:06 +0300
Dean Ascher
From: Aberystwyth, Wales
It truly is fantastic to see that the original Red Alert still has a stronghold on the web - it has been so difficult to find any pages since most have been abandoned or not updated since 1998!
2 June 2003, 07:37:02 +0300
ed tansek
From: canton, usa
i'm just now discovering all the new items available for ra1, wowowowow!!!!!
it's gonna take me some time to digest all of this
sheesh??????love my aftermath,thank you!!!!!
9 June 2003, 15:09:05 +0300
From: Mönchengladbach, Germany
this site rox0rz ;)
Lots of great stuff for Red Alert!
Why are there menu points which dont work - like Forum?? >:O
;) cu
14 June 2003, 21:20:33 +0300
Red Warrior
From: Kaliningrad, Russia
Red Alert: Third Revolution conversion coming soon in English language.
See thank you - this site is very good!
14 June 2003, 21:23:11 +0300
Red Warrior
From: Kaliningrad, Russia
For English-language visitors.
(Sorry, my English is not well)
16 June 2003, 01:28:22 +0300
From: Canada
Hey RaZoR, or whoever is in charge of this site. I would really like you to get the forums back online. I am willing to host it if you want. Thanks.
21 June 2003, 07:26:15 +0300
From: Hong Kong, China
A new player of red alert
22 June 2003, 12:38:27 +0300
From: Not sayin, Ireland
Hey, even though i do have the original Red Alert, i think your miniRA is brilliant! now i can play against all my friends. Im busy with a homepage for it, and miniCnC (Command & Conquer 1)
23 June 2003, 21:41:20 +0300
From: USA
This guestbook is great. Read this url He was coming to America to marry me. We were gonna spend the rest of our lives together. He is not to be trusted.
26 June 2003, 03:14:54 +0300
From: Paderborn, Deutschland
Very good!! I am so happy to see Red Alert 1 Fans!! It is the best game.
27 June 2003, 10:59:24 +0300
Ciprian Stoica
From: Craiova, Romania
I think this game is obssesive and I love it, and I think all you people who play this game for hours and hours (like me), are my kind of people.
Good war and good strategies, my fellow camarades! :)
28 June 2003, 18:47:43 +0300
From: Kitimat, Canada
great site cool cheaat and mods
13 July 2003, 14:17:03 +0300
I love the site, and the game... but no updates for over a month? I hope something isn't wrong..
19 July 2003, 05:33:55 +0300
Dark Large General
From: Argentina
Hello friends, i have to say that the page is very very very gooddddddddd.
I am a redalert fan (maniatic--->lol) and i am honored to play a wonderful game like ra95.
I want to thank you all (in the name of the ra) for all your work
26 July 2003, 18:46:58 +0300
David Savelski
From: Ashkelon, Israel
I live in israel and i loved playing RA since I was 13 - im 19 now - in the army - and now i play better cause i learned new strategys and this game really helped me.
31 July 2003, 10:42:41 +0300
From: TianJin, China
This site very good!
I found more mission^_^
1 August 2003, 11:25:31 +0300
nice site
1 August 2003, 17:57:43 +0300
From: USA
This site is awsome. I can't believe I only NOW have discovered it, and it's 2003. Anyways, RA rules, and so does this site. Thanks for keeping the server up w/ all of the downloads!
7 August 2003, 17:06:54 +0300
It's Me, Tomi!!
From: None of your business!!, I am not telling this!!
This is the greatest and almost my first Red Alert gaming page which I have visited! I shake hands to him or those who made this site!!
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