This page contains tips and tactics for completing every Soviet mission on the Counterstrike CD.

A general tip for all the missions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part of the mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose the mission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return to various points in the mission.

Proving Grounds
You have one pretty big base with no manpower. Gotta fix that. Sell the Tech Centre the SAM sites and a power station. Start training grenadiers and move the mess of troops to the first flare in the north-east. You will hear Tanya taunt you and then she will nick off. Put your radar on world view and find your new base. Your only hope is to try and squish Tanya with and ore truck. You will probably lose most of your Refineries. Head north to add a war factory to your collection. Build tanks at the rate of knots. Keep strong forces in all your bases as you will be attacked from every single direction. Keep building a very big tank force and when you think it is big enough move them to the west searching for the allied base. Once you have found it pummel it like you never done before. Now head south to recover your construction yard. Build some subs and watch as they annihilate enemy destroyers.

Don.t worry about the saboteur yet, he can wait until the end of the mission. But since he is rapidly demolishing your base you must relocate quickly. Quickly build an ore truck to rake in the cash and then build four subs, then two transports and an engineer. Load up the engineer and your tanks onto the transports and move them north along with the sub escort. Crash straight through the gun turrets and take out the last destroyer by the Naval Yard. Land your units aboard the transports and take out the enemy defenders in the western base. Capture the Construction Yard and destroy everything else. Build a new refinery in the north-west as the original will soon be lost to the saboteur. The saboteur will end up in the north-east corner. Build some more refineries and build a massive horde of tanks and some helicopters. Take out the turrets and any other defences with the coppers and then rush the base with the tanks. That should do it.

Put everyone into groups and do your best to put them in formations. Your flame troops are dangerous to everyone so put them in their own group. You can.t capture the Chronospheres yet. Head north into the large room. Now move west until you see a special Chronosphere (you will know it when you see it). Send in an engineer and when he re-materialises go to the control panel past the power stations and activate the controls. Most of the Chronospheres blow up preventing Stavtros.s escape, how convenient. Move everyone back to the large chamber and search in the east for Stavros. Chase him. You shall easily get past their defences and your dogs should have a nice breakfast of Stavros.

Legacy of Tesla
Do not move to towards the south yet your very precious Tesla Tanks will be severely damaged. Move west. Build three ore trucks to bring in the cash. Build an assault force consisting of three V2 Missile Launchers, four Heavy Tanks, the Tesla Tanks and an Engineer. Use the V-2s to destroy the turrets and then raze the entire base except for the Construction Yard and Naval Yard. If you touch the naval yard you get nuked for it. Instead construct a new naval yard and build about four to five destroyers and a couple of transports filled with tanks. The nuclear air base is at the second southern island. Destroy it. Once this is destroyed cleaning up the base in the south-west is fairly easy.

Soviet Soldier Volkov and Chitzoi
It is rather difficult to not finish this mission successfully. Anyway here is some tips. Leave your armoured spearhead in place. They will easily destroy anything that spots them. Concentrate on manoeuvring your special hero.s (Volkov and Chitzoi) through the allied base completing the mission objectives. Once they have massacred everything send in the tanks to mop up the rest.

Top O. The World
Group your units into their respective unit types. This is a fairly quick mission (though timed). When engaged in battle, form a three way cross-fire to pummel the enemy quicker and it also lessens damage to your units. Mammoth tanks regenerate their health over time so use them as the front line to protect weaker units. When they are heavily damaged wait for a minute for them to heal. When you enter the valley it will be sprinkled with turrets so look out. Use your V-2s to pick them off at a distance. If it all goes to hell on the way south make a runner with the truck and the base is close by so you should make it.

Paradox Equation
Very weird mission this one. There are some rather strange occurrences in this level like Heavy Tanks firing electricity, allied units firing to the equivalent of Mammoth Tanks etc. Firstly you need train some infantry to stop rocket troop attacks. Also enemy tanks hold the ore field to the north of the trees. Build about two to four tanks to get rid o them as your ore trucks need fresh supplies. Six heavy Teslas should be enough to take out the western base before you turn northwards. Train some Engineers to take over the Naval Yard. Around three transports full of tanks should be enough to take out the island.s defences using the concentrated firepower tactic. But do NOT DESTROY THE CHRONOSPHERE! Destroy the chain link fence and then take it with a couple of Engineers.

Nuclear Escalation
Do not deploy the MCV yet. Instead move it east and deploy along the road in the more easily defendable position in the valley. Also there are two ore fields close by and one of the churches in the south-west. Build some Teslas at the northern entrance to your base. Ignore the western base for now. Concentrate on the nuclear attacks from the north. Take the base from the west side using the V-2s to pick off turrets at a distance preferably from the high ground near here. Now move in your tanks with the V-2s close behind. The Tech Centre is in the north-east corner but to win the mission you need to destroy everything. Just build hordes of tanks and rush the bases with the V-2s taking out defences at a distance and you are suer to win.

Author: Jarrod Hampton
Source: Conterstrike Strategy Guide
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