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9 November 2001, 11:39:33 +0200
Jenson Warwick
From: London, England
Just rediscovering Red Alert; doing a lot of
multiplayer games. My compliments for your
site, still very solid so long after the
release of Red Alert.
11 November 2001, 09:44:57 +0200
nice but how do u capture?
13 November 2001, 10:25:25 +0200
From: belgium
cool site man,keep up the good work
18 November 2001, 03:14:13 +0200
From: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Cool site. I just love old-fasion games like Red alert. I have a problem with downloading from this site. Can you check it out?
18 November 2001, 15:40:56 +0200
Brendan Barker
From: Toronto, Canada
hey what a great site, i can't believe it is still up, u are doing a great job. Nothing else compares to a site like this, your maps are great, editors are too etc.
Keep up the good work!
19 November 2001, 17:56:57 +0200
Ivan Sudoplatov
From: Alma-Ata, Kazakhstan
Nice site! This is where I get all of my RA downloads...Given my locale, can ya' guess what side I play?
(Forvie me, English is my 3rd language)
23 November 2001, 18:01:20 +0200
Usama Bin Laden
From: Cliffs near Kandahar, Afghanistan
This site is one of the best the Al-Qaeda has visited and well be amoung my dictates of our holy war agaisnt the United States and Russia. Only problems with this site is that it dictates my mortal enemys as pure heroes, thay are crushing the Islamic way of life with their Communist and Christian life styles. Join the holy war now and destroy the USA and USSR and all Christians world wide in the name of Islam!
- Usama Bin Laden
2 April 2002, 20:35:41 +0300
From: Neanderthal, Germany
Hey R@zor
U have got my admiration.
Great work.
Ur site becomes the second place in my bookmark-part
in the 'Red Alert world'. My today's super-hit is your download-stuff 'raview'.
I have had searchin' for a bit software like this many years
(to get the map-shots).Never stop working on this site......
Greetings from the german-red-alert-clan (leader)
4 May 2002, 01:19:38 +0300
From: Finland
I think that there isn't any better red alert site than this, in fact, there isn't. Great single player campaigns, editors, maps, patches and etc. This is greatest Red alert site what ive ever seen. Probably i could post 28 new campaigns here. Whatever you're looking, you find it. Exellent work...
4 May 2002, 18:02:51 +0300
From: Toronto, Canada
This is the best RA site ive seen in years... actually...ever! There were other ones, but the links never worked. I might even consider submitting my AWESOME NEW MOD! Long live RED ALERT!!!!
hehe PS if anyone would like to b a beta tester for my mod email me, and ill put u in the readme file!
8 May 2002, 16:25:27 +0300
From: nil, Singapore
Great site out there...
Long live Red Alert
14 May 2002, 00:28:05 +0300
From: Rose Hill, Mauritius
The download for c&c gold is very very slow. Please help.
26 June 2002, 03:32:52 +0300
From: Zadar, Croatia
I will bow my head down, 'cause i have nevr seen such good work like yours. Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!!
10 July 2002, 10:16:45 +0300
Kevin Saucier
From: Campbellton, Canada
Finally, a website that truly keeps the original Red Alert alive! This website is da bomb! I love this site because I just can't get sick of RA! Keep up the great work. Mammoth Tanks RULE!!!
28 July 2002, 07:30:05 +0300
From: New Plymouth, New Zealand
Well I love ra and this is the most best site I have ever being to I think red alert is way better that ra2 and all the other cra.p shi.t out there red alert was ment to be a relistic war game and thoes as.s ho.les up top thought they would make ra2 witch fu.cked evrythink well keep up the work later
3 August 2002, 11:41:53 +0300
From: atlanta, usa
this is a really good site
26 August 2002, 02:54:03 +0300
From: varennes, quebec, canada
I'am hooked on that game and hope not to be alone.
7 September 2002, 19:11:16 +0300
From: denmark
fine site the only thing i miis is some pcturs to the desktop that works allright
11 September 2002, 11:54:32 +0300
From: Auckland, New Zealand
Undoubtedly the best RA1 site I have yet seen. A lttle more description on the downloads would help.
20 September 2002, 03:01:55 +0300
Sérgio Marcelo (Smace)
From: Sumidouro-RJ, Brazil
I liked this site very much. Congratulations!
But I would like to be able to download Mega Map Packs. And I also would like to see more Mega Maps to download on this site.
24 October 2002, 19:21:55 +0300
This is a great site for anybody that's still into that wonderful, timeless game. I'm glad to see that people still like the old Red Alert. Brings me good memories of yesteryear...
The tools are real helpful, and the conversions are interesting. Keep up the good work.
8 November 2002, 11:27:00 +0200
From: Naseby, New Zealand
A good site for beginers to more advanced
levels of players.
This should be the main R.A site.
25 November 2002, 18:14:13 +0200
From: Moon, Sunny Side
really good site but there really is not much postage to the moon! But Redalert sounds and looks very good
26 November 2002, 10:13:56 +0200
From: Flanders (Belgium)
I thought I'd better sign this too :)
You know what I think of the site... it's without any doubt the greatest RA1 site ever.
29 November 2002, 11:21:38 +0200
From: Iceland
The search is over. At long last a site resembling the golden years of 97-98. This site brings back a lot of memories.
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