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5 December 2002, 05:33:23 +0200
From: Arroyo Grande, CA, USA
This site rules. I love MiniRA!
6 December 2002, 08:34:58 +0200
Arno Grobbelaar
From: Auckland, NZ
This is the best Red Alert1 website I have ever seen,and it brings back memmories of many hours well spent.Glad to see so many ppl still out there enjoying one of the best games ever made!
Keep up the good work guys and thanks!
11 December 2002, 19:05:29 +0200
Jimmy Vanetta
From: Ashland, U.S.A
This is a very good site, i like all the downloads they helped me allot
3 January 2003, 19:30:56 +0200
From: Kotka, Finland
This is very good RA1 site. And the best thing is that this site is still ACTIVE! Thx for very good RA1 site.
10 January 2003, 00:14:21 +0200
The New Commando
From: USA
This is the best site for RA mods I've yet seen. Long live Red Alert!
14 January 2003, 04:30:53 +0200
how do i actually 'capture' a radar dome, ive tried engineers and they just damage it????
7 February 2003, 04:51:30 +0200
From: Perth, Australia
Hi just wanted to say WOW great site, very easy to navigate, informative, great downloads, and up to date. Fantastic effort keep up the great work.
From the land downunder, amacka
12 February 2003, 20:27:26 +0200
From: Regina, Canada
Now that's what I'm talkin' about! A site that has it all, maps, stratedgy guides, new missions, new units, forums,man that's lots and there's still more!
Keep up the awesome work guys!
21 February 2003, 11:45:07 +0200
Johannes Lähdeaho
From: Espoo, Finland
Cool page cool downloads. Its great that you keep the spirit of the original redalert on peoples heads. Keep up the good work bud.
27 February 2003, 18:44:14 +0200
From: Perth, Scotland, UK
Biggest And Best Red Alert Site I've Seen!
3 March 2003, 20:48:44 +0200
From: Kotka, Finland
Thank u for this great RA1 site! I hope we never forget RA1, even C&C Generals was released and Westwood is now gone... :(
RA1 rules and lives forever! :)
4 March 2003, 03:41:50 +0200
wow! best i'v seen yet! it's going to my favorites!
15 March 2003, 12:18:58 +0200
AWESOME!!!!! This site is the best i've ever seen in my life. It's going to my favorites. Red Alert rocks!, the best game ever (thanks to this site). Again, thank you for making this wonderful site.
18 March 2003, 13:56:49 +0200
Super seite bin negeistert sollte mehr von solchen geben!Weiter
20 March 2003, 10:31:37 +0200
Steven Pitt
All I can say is wow......
This site is brilliant, the downloads, the stories, or my god
One final word, Got God ?
21 March 2003, 11:46:55 +0200
From: Jakarta, Indonesia
I like to play RA95.
I have downloaded and try more program in this web.
Great job...!!!
2 April 2003, 06:55:53 +0300
From: Bangkok, Thailand
Good job Keep it up!
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3 April 2003, 19:18:25 +0300
From: Riihimäki, Finland
My Red Alert conversion...C&C Alert, you might want to test it :)
5 April 2003, 15:42:48 +0300
Nice site, however some of your links don't work, ie RA star wars, it went down the same time as your server change, so did the techcenter as well, they were on the same server if i remember correctly? Also if they have moved as well, do you know where they are now?
8 April 2003, 10:35:18 +0300
KiD nExT dOoR
From: Singapore
this site is by far the best red alert page...nice variety of downloads...and good consistent updates...keep it up!
9 April 2003, 17:34:41 +0300
From: Classified, Canada
Wow… I only found out about this site yesterday, I think, and I've already upped my secret RA1 folder to over 60MB! Excellent site! Keep it strong!
16 April 2003, 02:33:13 +0300
Hey, this would be a good site, but how to u download stuff? every time i try, it says it needs a username and p.a.s.s.w.o.r.d? please help, i really like this site. PLEASE!!
19 April 2003, 16:57:22 +0300
From: Burra, Australia
Brilliant site mates, but all yer trainers r duds, counterstrike crashes every time i try to load the trainer up. ah well, better doin things the hard way i suppose
4 May 2003, 00:10:55 +0300
Martin Johansson
From: Karlstad, Sweden
Great site! Love ya, do0ds!
By the way, whos made miniRA? I'd be grateful if someone could whisk away a mail with that info to me! Thanks! Rock on!
8 May 2003, 05:01:52 +0300
Great site, i've downloaded quite alot from you guys. The Only bad thing i have to say is better walkthroughs. Other than that keep up the good work.
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