Here are some tactics which you can employ in a multiplayer game when you are playing as the Allies:
If you know any good multiplayer tactics please send them to me.

If you are allies make sure your entire base is covered by gap generators so that you won't get nuked, and then send all your tanks (at least 30) on 1 side of the base and then send a few Tanya's to the opposite side.So while you are making a very big distraction the Tanya's will take out the base.
If their defence is a bit too much for you then nuke weak points in the base before you attack.

Tanya Strike
Build a Tanya (more than one if you want) and a Transport Heli. Now send them into the enemy base. If you have more than one Tanya you can take out more quicker. If the enemy has air defences use Longbows or Hinds to distract the defences.This is really good to catch the enemy out. Thanks to HNG for this.

I want to comment about Tyler McLellan's tactic for Allies.
I just have a better tactic to bring Tanyas in transports:
1. train 25 Tanyas
2. put them in A.P.C.s
3. put A.P.C.s in a transport
Thanks to R,Skratcher for this comment.

Chronoshift a Cruiser to somewhere near the enemy base where they won't expect it, especially a small lake not normally accessible to naval yards so that there won't be any naval defences. You can take out a few important structures this way.

Once you have your base set up, build a MCV, build a barracks but do not deploy it, and build a tanya, and put her on hold before she is finished.
Next, chronoshift your MCV into the enemy base in a less gaurded area. Deploy the MCV, put down your barracks next to it and restart your tanya. This should all take less than 5 seconds. Send your tanya into an important building to C-4 it. If you want you could sell of of your structures or else continue building barracks and tanya's and continue this procedure. Thanks to Aaron Magnan for this tip.

Some tactics provided by Tyler McLellan:
* First off deploy the MCV as close to your starting position as possible.
* Next build a power plant, deploy it close to the CY (con.yard)
* Next, an APP (adv.power plant) should be built.
* Barracks. This is primarily for scouting.
* Ore Refinery. At the same time this is building, train some rifle infantry. Send these soldiers to each corner of the map, except the corner closest to your base (unless you are somehow in the middle)
* After deploying the OR, a war factory should be built. Continue to monitor your scouts to check for enemy positions.
* Start building some Medium Tanks, if you are playing against a Soviet force, brace yourself for a heavy tank rush.
NOTE: Defenses such as the pillbox and turretts are available, but only the camo pillbox is as effective as you need it to be.
* Another Ore Truck should be built. Keep the ore coming in. (Or minerals if you can spot them)
* Radar Dome followed by a Tech Center.
NOTE: PROTECT the Tech Center, once you get the GPS (satelitte that unveils the entire map, except the gap generated spots), it is your ONLY chance to win, if it is destroyed early, say goodbye to any chance against a Soviet opponent, or any opponent really.
* Keep pumping out Medium Tanks. However, a garrison of small tanks should be built once you have three War Factories. This garrison can eliminate enemy Harvesters quickly.
* The basic building principles of PowerPlants and defenses are up to you, there is no perfect way to do it. War Factories should be plentiful, however. GAP GENERATORS are key, make sure the Soviets cant see all your base.
* By now, you should have the GPS, multiple WarFactories, many tanks (including that small tank garrison of about 8), adequate defenses, and if there is a large body of water, a Naval Yard with Cruisers and Destroyers. Protect Cruisers with Destroyers...Cruisers CANNOT fire on anything other than land units and Allied sea units.
* Air Defense. AA GUNS should be plentiful, keep the power up so they don't go offline.
* Missile silos. Build one or two (or more if possible) of these so ABombs are quick to reload. With GPS against a Soviet opponent, you will have have a clear shot at any base structure.
* Air Force. There is basically none for the Allies. Longbow Helis, which are good for basically nothing. If your enemy is not defending against air attacks (which is possible because after all, you are ALLIED), build a group of Longbows to strike Tesla coils or Power Plants.
* The Soviet Defense: Tesla Coils. These are the most feared and revered defense unit in the game. They require a bundle of power, so hit the PPs as often as possible. Once you know the Coils are down, attack if you can. The window of opportunity against the Soviets is often too small, so it is critical to strike when possible.
NOTE: The best way to test a tesla's status is to send a civilian or rifle infantry in tesla range. Don't be obvious though, the Soviet general will know you're checking his power.
* If there is much water, make sure your Destroyer-protected Cruisers are attacking in unison with the ground units.
NOTE: Watch for (un)friendly fire from the Cruisers.
* The (not-so) Secret Weapon: The Chronosphere. This $2600 toy is just that, a toy. I dont use it, and if you want to save money, you won't either. It's not good for much. If you want advice on using it, ask someone who does use it, good luck.
* Tanya. Of course both sides have Tanya (who should be an Ally-exclusive), and she laughs when she is done training, which alerts the opponent of her presence. That right there ruins everything. Try to get some Tanyas into some APCs or a transport. Unfortunately, she cannot be Chronoshifted. If you are somehow successful in getting her into an enemy base, target power plants IMMEDIATELY. (Of course the CY is key too) Other important targets include War Factories and Ore Refineries.

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