This pages contains the information available for the Allied characters in Red Alert.

General Gunter Von Esling
General Gunter Von Esling is the German Suprime Commander of the Allied Forces seeming Hitler was removed the Germans are part of the Allies rather then the Russians where in real life. Anyway Von Esling is one of the wisest Generals in the world well thats how he got his position. His judgement is good his plans are nasty he wants nothing more then crush the Soviets and kill Stalin to end this war and put this menace to rest. He is played by Arthur Roberts.

Nikos Stavros
This Greek Allied General is quite an asset for the Allies almost always has something useful to say and when he doesn't. He lets Von Esling do the talking but Stavros has a personnel vendetta against Stalin and will destory him one way or another. He is played by Barry Kramer.

Tanya Adams
Special Agent Tanya Adams is the Allies best officer on the battlefield her training and will does her credit. Her skills would probably leave even the best trained Commandos in Awe and enemys in disbelife. She must not die for this war to be succesful. She is played by Tanya Brassie.

Albert Einstien
Albert Einstien slightly depressed with his error in removing Hitler because things turned out worse with his gone. But Einstien will not even dare change the past again instead he uses his time to develope amazing new weapons to help the Allies win this war. Once weapon which he used to change time is the Chronosphere a very useful device but Einstien still needs to make a few improvements. He is played by John Milford.

Ben Carville
Carville is the player's commanding officer in the Retaliation expansion pack. Carville is a comic combination of proud-Texan and George S. Patton (whose picture is visible on the wall in some scenes). Carville is patriotic and tough, in one scene revealing that the general arms himself to the point of ridiculousness, though friendlier to the player than Allied leaders of other installments. He was played by Barry Corbin.
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