If you need to get in contact with the webmaster, you can do so from this page. However, please read the following first:

We can't guarantee to reply to any emails we receive about Red Alert. This is because we simply do not have the time to answer them all. If you have a question about Red Alert there are severalplaces to look to try and find the answer:
Please read all the F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions) which can be found on this site.

Here are the people who work for RA-Archive nowadays:

* RaZor (email: ) - RA-Archive founder and webmaster.

Not active (previous) staff members:

* RWP - has been webmaster of RA-Archive for a long time, original author of MiniRA. Has retired from Red Alert scene.
* PuMa - stuff uploader, skilled RA modder. Author of Project Revolution mod.
* Robert Nickel - stuff uploader, skilled RA modder. Author of Tiberium Wars - Armageddon mod.
* Aaro Ruohonen - stuff uploader. Author of "Soviet Empire Strikes Back & Russian Resistance" campaign.
* MadeMan - news updater and stuff uploader.
* Redeyeman - Map Archive section maintainer.

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