This page contains tips and tactics for completing every Allied mission on the Counterstrike CD.

A general tip for all the missions is to save the game each time you complete a difficult part of the mission so that you can easily return to that point if you lose the mission. Save the missions in separare slots so that you can return to various points in the mission.

Sarin Gas: Crackdown
Don.t worry too much about the radar. Use Mine Layers to build a mine field to seal off the main route into your base and to the north and south roads. Make sure that all exploded mines are replaced and that should mean that the enemies convoys become little or no problem for you. Just to make sure keep a few Tanks close to the mine fields just to make sure. When you attack their main base the Tesla coils will be a problem so attack from the south-east corner and demolish everything there. Now move north to the next part of the base then proceed east, the wall here is protected by V-2s but they are out of range of the Tesla Coils, so make a hole in the wall and destroy the power stations. With the Tesla Coils down all you have to do now is clear them off the map and the mission finishes.

Sarin Gas: Down Under
Use your Spy to access the control panel to destroy the Flame Turret. Now with your Spy move north to access another panel. Head south with your Spy to infiltrate the War Factory. He disappears in a truck and appears again in the east. Move quickly to hit the nearby panel. Leave him for now. Move your Infantrymen to the east killing the Dogs you encounter and blowing up barrels to kill enemy Infantry. Four Dogs must die before the Spy can proceed. Now that the dogs are gone sends the spy north to hit the next panel. Soon you will see two Tesla Coils gone haywire. Move the spy past to the panel. When the Mammoth Tank appears let it have a few shots on the tesla coil before activating the panel. The Mammoth Tank and the Coils will eventually kill each other. Now send the spy south to hit the next panel. The two Teslas will scorch everything but you so don.t worry. The Spy can continue to the south to free Tanya. Take the first turn east then north towards the two Flame Turrets. Send the Spy past the Turrets and behind the wheel of the mammoth tank. Stand back as the tank will bulldoze its way out and all survivors can follow.

Sarin Gas: Controlled Burn
Scout the land with your spy. Put your rocket troops into the APC. Move them east avoiding the patrolling mammoth tank and gatecrash the eastern base. Move the APC to a corner for more protection. Let out the rocket troops. While the rocket troops shoot the barrels to destroy or damage as many power stations as possible have the APC squish as many enemy infantry as possible. With the power stations gone the two light tanks in the valley can take on the teslas there. Deploy the MCV near the flare. The rest of the enemy is around the south-west. Build up your base and when you can build five or six artilleries. Also build a horde of tanks to accompany the artilleries. Move the artillieries to the high ground near the base in the south-west. Your tanks will have to destroy the mammoth tank first so that should be a first priority. Then have the artillery attack the power stations. While this is happening train some engineers and move them to the south-west base. When the power stations have been flattened send in the tanks to destroy everything except the labs which you have the engineers take control of.

The Fall Of Greece 1: Personal War
You have to move fast in this level because the enemy is in hot pursuit of you. Head north but avoid the mammoth tank lurking around there. So follow the civilian around it. As you get near the base all hell breaks loose. Quickly if you need it grab the health crate if you don.t RUN LIKE HELL. For very short after arrival the base gets nuked. You will receive reinforcements so with the extra manpower destroy your pursuers. Keep moving to the south-west, look out for men in the trees. At the ford leave the paratroopers to die (Poor paratroopers) while Tanya sneaks around to the back and demolishes the power plants. Send your surviving tanks back to the start of the level to kill any enemies who might be annoying you at this time. Head north to the bridge and shoot the barrels, killing the oncoming mammoths. Go south-west a little and then north to the enemy base. Use Tanya to shoot the barrels to put the teslas out of commission while the rest of your force obliterates the remaining enemy forces. Now just get Stavros to safety and the mission ends.

The Fall Of Greece 2: Evacuation
Use a ranger or light tank to find the location of the villages. Well to make it easier one is in the south, the east, one to the south-west and the last below the bridge in the west. There is no need to assault the base just build a mass of ranks and keep the centre of the map. Now just run villagers to your base. The island is on the north-east part of the map though there is only one beach to the mainland. Build four or five destroyers send them out sub hunting then go and attack the enemy from the cover of sea. The tanks should keep the landing site safe while the civilians get aboard the transport. Make sure they are backed up by a transport full of tanks because at the last minute a Soviet para troop squad make an appearance.

Siberian Conflict 1: Fresh Tracks
The first 15 or 20 minutes are crucial after this time the convoys come non-stop. And you will have difficulty keeping up with the new threats. Build another ore truck to keep the money coming in. Build two or more minelayers and a horde of tanks. Stop enemy convoys by cutting off bridges and mining main roads. Scout out the area and try to kill patrols with helicopters. Take out the bridge in the north-west and start mining. Mine the road to the south-east of your base because this is where the first convoy appears. Lay a minefield around the road coming into your base from the south-west because this is where the mammoth tanks and the sixth convoy come from. You must destroy the bridges in the north-east and the south-east soon this will also help with the protection of your base. This leaves the east unguarded. Quickly go and mine that road as much as possible and keep all minefields properly maintained. The road in the north-east is where the seventh convoy comes from, mine it or leave a welcoming committee for the convoy. Do not pick up the crates the trucks drop because they are nukes not power ups.

Siberian Conflict 2: Trapped
Build up your base and when that is under way go and destroy the two bridges in the east. Now build turret and pillbox defences at the remaining entries into your base if you want you may even mine these routes as well. Now, there are two enemy bases. One small one in the east and one very big, full of tesla coils, base. Build a reasonable force of tanks and infantry and go and harass the smaller outpost. Now you can concentrate on starving the larger base of money. Leave the tanks in the east to destroy the bridge and to keep an allied presence nearby so they don.t try anything funny. Mine the road there and wait for the third convoy. The first convoys heads straight down your throat to the middle of your base. Make sure it dies. The second convoys takes the road heading from south to north. Mine this stretch and this convoy should be no problem. Destroy enemy ore trucks in the north and then move a group of tanks to the central west region to gain control of the ore field there. Once the ore trucks are gone the enemy can no longer build tanks to harass you with. So build a massive force of tanks and ships. The power stations are in the south and can be bombarded by your navy. Once the juice has been cut send in the tanks to demolish the soviet base.

Siberian Conflict 3: Wasteland
Okay, all you have to do in this mission is to kill all the Soviets. Build up your base and build a large group of tanks to go ore truck hunting. Now all you have to concentrate on doing is to build up the rest of your base, defend it and build a massive tank and infantry force to destroy the Soviets bases. There are ore fields in the south and east. Their main base is in the centre and there is a small one in the south-west. When you have your massive tank force simply plough through their base and destroy every Soviet in sight. When every Soviet has been killed the mission ends.

Author: Jarrod Hampton
Source: Conterstrike Strategy Guide
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