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2 December 2005, 18:04:30 +0200
Siete MITICI!, finalmente grazie a voi posso continuare a soddisfare la mia fame di RA, mi chiedo se si potesse aggiungere terminator (T-101)come nuova unità, magari indistruttibile o quasi, sarebbe davvero il massimo!!! continuate così...
7 December 2005, 10:51:07 +0200
Thomas Czajkowski
From: Aichelberg, Germany
Great Site!!! Many thanks for bringing back the good old Red Alert.
I miss the days of playing Red Alert in Christmas Time 1996.
The best game I ever played !
Best Regards
11 December 2005, 10:12:45 +0200
From: Berlin, Germany
Fantastic Site! Please dont ever stop it. But integrate the new versions as well!
Fantastische Seite! Bitte hoert niemals auf. Aber integriert auch die neuen Versionen genau so gut!
Die besten Gruesse aus Berlin/Deutschland
12 December 2005, 18:10:45 +0200
Andrej Bartek
From: Svit, Slovakia
Hello people! I am looking for Aftermath and Counterstrike and i cant find it. Can you help me please?
16 December 2005, 17:32:48 +0200
RA Fan
From: Espoo, Finland
This is awesome site!!!!!I could load that full Ra but we have one stupid law in Finland....
16 December 2005, 17:43:19 +0200
From: Hungary
I love this game, and I found this site! Great, the best I have ever seen. Thank you...
17 December 2005, 17:24:53 +0200
From: bergen, norway
Thank you guys... i love this, and i love this game
19 December 2005, 03:50:56 +0200
From: Swansea, Wales
Thanks people for this great site!
I love playing the old red alert game.
Also thanks to this site i have been able to get downloads that is hard to find on other websites. :)
19 December 2005, 09:54:08 +0200
From: buellton, CA, USA
Awsome site! That fictional story with Jack in it is great. If I ever get up to date with command and conqer I would make a campagin where you go back in time, save Jack and take on stalin head to head with the fate of the wrold in the balnce.....
1 thing: when I try to download stuff at this site it says "Access to the port number givin has been disabled for security reasons"
any help here? please email me!
25 December 2005, 21:40:18 +0200
From: IL
Wow this website is so great , so many things about the classic Red Alert Series, althought
i have to say... Eintstein IS JEWISH and not german, he is a jewish who lived in germany and spoke german, but he is jewish, just had to make clear that nazis will never be as smart
29 December 2005, 16:29:23 +0200
From: Austria
E: C&C RA is the best game in the world.
G: C&C AR ist das beste Spiel in der Welt.
E: And this site is very good.
G: Und diese Seite is sehr gut.
E: When you have some RA-Stuff, send it to me!
G: Wenn du irgendein AR Zeug hast, sende es mir!
E: I hope you have learned some German.
G: Ich hoffe du hast ein bisschen Deutsch gerlernt.
E: Greetings from "Austria"
G: Gruesse aus "Oesterreich"
30 December 2005, 21:12:46 +0200
Jarkko Laurila
From: Ruovesi, Finland
Hey, do anyone know how I can get civilians and Soviet forces to multiplayer game?
Please E-mail me if you know.
2 January 2006, 17:53:12 +0200
Hey..... at last i found this site agian
C&C 4 life
3 January 2006, 18:28:21 +0200
From: baarn, netherlands
Hi, does any1 here know where I can find the red alert memoriable website, neutral once made, i would love to see that site back, it will bring up so many memories, thnx!
5 January 2006, 16:19:56 +0200
From: unknown, unknown
hi, i really am active here,but ra2 owns!!
7 January 2006, 21:10:07 +0200
| - KTR - | Palestina
From: |Helsingborg, Sweden
Red Alert 4 Ever ! xD
Owns !
Best !
Nice !
8 January 2006, 18:00:00 +0200
guys, why i dont see anyone online in westwood online, and either sometimes i see like 1,3 or 2 only
if u really active here then come to westwood online
if u cant get it to work, download minira v2 and full ra, install full ra, and minira2, then in minira2 dir copy westwood files, like wolapi.dll and register.exe, wolapi.mix, wolapi.war and wolapi.dll and put them into full ra and delete the rules.ini in the fullra dir, thats it, come to westwood
9 January 2006, 19:24:59 +0200
10 January 2006, 15:26:31 +0200
!!! Don't use this gustbook for chat or spam!
11 January 2006, 12:29:13 +0200
hey nice, i didnt know who chat or spam the admin delete their messages
17 January 2006, 06:02:05 +0200
From: portland, USA
hey, Im happy that there is still a really-good red alert site! Dont ever shut it down! Red alert is still the coolest game! It deserves to be played and remembered for eternity! (like mario or space invaders or pac-man!)
23 January 2006, 13:31:20 +0200
red romanov
From: Irkutsk, Russia
my first Red Alert fan site to enter
23 January 2006, 18:46:59 +0200
From: Herning, Denmark
Ra is still the leading game in the world...
24 January 2006, 11:47:10 +0200
do u mean ra only or ra2 also??
5 February 2006, 17:05:48 +0200
From: Pancevo, Serbia
BEST GAME EVER RA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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