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22 September 2005, 15:26:09 +0300
From: Göteborg, Sweden
great site but ra is dead... there arent any mods in progress for it today
24 September 2005, 19:36:08 +0300
From: vallendar, germany
thanks 4 the full version!!!
26 September 2005, 18:31:34 +0300
From: Peterborough, England
Hi everyone (if there is anyone)im chris aged 47 and i love red alert as when im stoned i feel like im really in it!
27 September 2005, 15:04:52 +0300
From: Helsinki, Finland
This is the best site of all... when i play RA i allways come to check if there is some thing new and there allways is some thing.. I dont play anymore that much RA but when i play its awsom...
Long live RA and RA-Archive!
Ps. Thanks to all the ppl who play RA + Posters grate mods.! :)
3 October 2005, 00:39:49 +0300
From: Gretna, Scotland
You got it all wrong about using spies, there great....... select one clone it to enemy and walk right into enemy camp and steel technology...... you get to have better tanks infantry etc...... couple of other points you are missing .. I just too tired to point them out....... other than that your site is spot on........ Kill the Ruskies I say
5 October 2005, 00:18:25 +0300
From: NJ, United States
This site is great! I play RA1 off and on and it seems that this is the only site left that has good content about the game. Keep up the good work!
7 October 2005, 00:44:53 +0300
From: Philippines
Yeah, you're right. Red Alert shall never die. It became one of those legacy games that helped shape the RTS world. I remember the first time I played RA. I was just a kid then. I played it until about 1999, then played it again for a while in 2001... Ah such fond memories. Just thinking about it makes me all happy and nostalgic.
Thanks for a great site and keeping this legendary game alive on the internet.
11 October 2005, 17:12:03 +0300
Robert Bond
From: smögen, sverige SWEDEN
realy nice site and mutch fun to C&C Universe
god work
14 October 2005, 16:05:18 +0300
From: goed, Ducthland
is the FULLRA is no music....
I want music in my game..
where must I search??
gr eric
21 October 2005, 19:23:36 +0300
From: Brussels, Belgium
ehm the games looks like CRAP, the graphics in Total Annihilation and others of that era is way better, the gameplay is very slow and boring. Also, the resolution is ridiculous! How could you guys love this game so much? i do'n't get it :-(
25 October 2005, 19:23:41 +0300
From: Ruovesi, Finland
You got the best website what i have ever seen. You got good screenshots. So i will visit here often.
27 October 2005, 00:49:29 +0300
From: Wapenveld, The Netherlands
How can i play online?
i've seen the programs @ the site still doesn't work. can anyone help me?
27 October 2005, 18:32:14 +0300
From: Ruovesi, Finland
If you can, get more animations. they are great.
28 October 2005, 04:21:42 +0300
not a bad job, too bad the music downloads dont seem to be working :(
29 October 2005, 21:43:12 +0300
From: Berlin, Germany
yeah, all here are right! c&c is a graet game, its a legend, the first game that meant a lot to me. it was more than a game and it shall never die!!!!! i remember the first time i played it, it was some more! it was awesome, it is awesome and will ever be awesome cause acording to the time westwood build it up it is better than everything that will come in strategy games sector soon and ever!!!
30 October 2005, 13:54:05 +0200
From: KE, SK
Hi, I have problem with resolution. Running under WinXP the resolution is very small .. is there any way how could I change it to at least 800x600 or higher???
30 October 2005, 21:45:04 +0200
From: cairo, egypt
well, 1st install the XP patch, then right click on ra95.exe --> properties, run the compatible mode to win98/win me
but preferr to patch the game to the latest version so u dont get low resolution problem
and dont play thro ra.exe, play thro ra95.exe
1 November 2005, 15:43:56 +0200
From: Norwich, UK
Hi, Thanks for making this site, tis a god send. Thought i was going to have to play RA through Windows 98 Forever but now i see that 2000 works im most grateful keep up the good work. Oh and sort out the idiots posting spam, damn dirty scum!
4 November 2005, 11:10:17 +0200
From: New York, USA
Dear RaArchive owners, I have made a RA mod, Phantom Reality. How do I upload it on the Archive?
12 November 2005, 07:04:59 +0200
From: Montreal, Canada
Still up, eh? Man I'm glad. I just got every official Red Alert CD and, shall I say, I definitely WILL NEED this location, for absolutely ALL my Red Alert needs, for the next few years...
..Hell, I'll use it more often than Hotmail! ;)
Keep up the neat job. (How odd bro, my name is cool =D)
12 November 2005, 17:11:52 +0200
From: ..., Holland
Hellz yea, this site rocks, thanks for the mods n maps and stuff :)
gotta recommend this site :)
Ownage, keep it up :)
loved the 'Why RA (doesn't)& sucks'
23 November 2005, 15:55:38 +0200
From: Germany
very good site, greetz from germany
24 November 2005, 17:16:59 +0200
From: pc robs, engaland
great site tnx for the my couisin was wourld no1 and ever yone blocked him off the sites he was to good tnx x x
25 November 2005, 10:39:04 +0200
From: Nottz, UK
Great stuff man, i love your site. Good to see the old RA1 people havent died yet Lol, safe.
2 December 2005, 14:12:07 +0200
From: Uk
well ive finally moved on to RA2 but i do still play red alert, why? cus its the one of the best. and with a site like raarchive i will never get bored. thanx
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