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11 October 2015, 17:39:24 +0300
From: Australia
Loved this game since I was 8.
I cannot run editor as I lost the CD a long time ago =[

O I miss terrain editor.

Thanks for this site. Legendary stuff.
16 October 2015, 20:19:27 +0300
Almost 2016 and still rocking Red Alert 1 online! Great homepage.
4 November 2015, 06:49:52 +0200
From: California
Absolutely love this site, nostalgia overload! Please keep this around forever.
7 January 2016, 04:27:19 +0200
Roa Tyrfang
THE Red Alert website. I've been coming to this website since i was a child, just finding out how awesome the rules.ini file really can be. Thanks a million!
18 July 2016, 14:35:49 +0300
Patrick So
From: Philippines
Thank you. Kept failing soviet mission 3, had to download save. Save files work on ver 3.03-p iran
12 August 2016, 17:15:23 +0300
From: Brasil - São Paulo / SP
Um dos melhores jogos de estrategia já criados.

One of the best strategy games already created.
15 August 2016, 19:04:33 +0300
From: Commie-fornia
Great site for OLD stuff, thanks.
12 October 2016, 04:29:45 +0300
From: USA
Great game, Great site!
23 October 2016, 00:00:02 +0300
Sad princess
From: Belarus
This site is so cuuuuteeee! Razor! You are my HERO!! <3
29 November 2016, 21:22:53 +0200
Redmond Clark
I’ve just played the game, it’s been about 15 years since I played it as a kid, and it’s been a really fun experience.

What was most striking is how dark the game is. The first Soviet mission has you killing civilians and later seeing Stalin abuse his female general, and kill a male along the way. The Allies also kill civilians, the AI shoots people and buildings if you leave them alone, and in the final mission you are encouraged to destroy civilian Churches, there’s even one in the middle of the Soviet base. Finally the end allied cut scene sees a man, whose family was presumably killed early on in the game, kill Stalin in cold blood. That is the final reward the player gets for completing the allied campaign.

At the time of playing it through the first time I must have been playing the likes of Tomb Raider and Spyro the Dragon. Final Fantasy had some deep reaching themes, but I don't think I really appreciated this. It shows a fraction of the darkness of war, the fact that neither side is ‘good’. It is the bane of man and the embodiment of the evil that is within us all. There are other games that portray the same image, but for the time, for the fact that many of my c10 year old friends were playing it, and in contrast to the other popular games, this really was a brave comment - one that I probably didn't fully appreciate at the time.

I've really enjoyed the subsequent games, but seeing all this again has meant something, and part of me wishes they kept up the dark side. I want to congratulate the makers on having the gall to create something like this, and hope more is created in the future to help shape the next bunch of 10 year old kids, who also may not fully understand it, but rattling around in there somewhere, the more informed thinking no doubt helps.
3 December 2016, 13:37:21 +0200
From: USA
My brother recommended I may like this website. He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not consider simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks! fdefcdggbagfcdkf
17 February 2017, 00:08:10 +0200
From: California
A big thanks to he who put this site together! Been playing Red Alert since I was a kid, my brother and I had epic battles against one another! This site is truly awesome and the game music brings me home, thanks again.
11 April 2017, 16:37:45 +0300
Best game on earth.
26 April 2017, 14:36:37 +0300
From: Ukraine
Thanks for the site good luck to all!
20 October 2017, 01:36:21 +0300
Nate Diaz
Yo man glad you're still updating the site :)

You'll find me playing as a BAT clan member these days.
17 November 2017, 16:50:59 +0200
the very first game where i encountered spoiled 12 year olds calling everyone a "noob". ahh, sweet memories.
18 December 2017, 20:58:28 +0200
3 March 2018, 16:55:56 +0200
how do I make the new soundtracks included in the Aftermath work????????
23 March 2018, 12:18:15 +0200
Good stuff!
18 April 2018, 22:56:50 +0300
From: Utah
I got the red alert 1 and counter strike CD's from my uncle and it has become my favorite game.
28 January 2019, 18:31:01 +0200
12 March 2019, 16:09:28 +0200
From: Oakland, CA
Been playing Yuri’s Revenge since it came out way back when. My mother came here from the USSR in ‘91 and I’ve always been interested in everything Soviet since, even though I prefer playing as Korea for the Black Eagle jets. Came here after google searching for a list of the hot keys for the game - I hope this website stays up for years to come, just as this game has in my heart.
15 July 2019, 14:21:08 +0300
Dan Magnusson
From: Sweden
Hi guys!

Great site :-)

I mostly play RA 1 trough now days though :-)

Keep on the good work from Sweden!
14 September 2019, 10:58:25 +0300
2019, and this website is still here. I popped on RA2, started the campaign last night and need to check the hotkeys -good to still have this go to site for the things forgotten ;)
7 December 2019, 19:03:32 +0200
Thanks for making and keeping such a great resource alive!
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