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27 March 2005, 04:37:10 +0300
From: United States
Nice site, very useful and great stuff to download, keep it updated.
29 March 2005, 21:27:58 +0300
From: Svit, Slovakia
Èaute lidi ste blbi a vymlety, na tejto stranke je jedina vec èo sa meni su mapy aj cez to že sa hlasovalo -keep updated- su posledne spravy s pred roka! a ani hlasovat sa neda!
7 April 2005, 02:01:40 +0300
From: North Hills, California, USA
Nice site and great information.
How do I play my RA1 at a windows XP platform? It always says that It only plays at windows 95
12 April 2005, 07:01:44 +0300
From: Murphy, Texas, USA
Please if you have questions, go to the forums.
13 April 2005, 15:59:45 +0300
on alied level 6 how do you get past the attack dog thats on it's own
14 April 2005, 13:56:07 +0300
Andy "Rook" Johnson
From: Oxford, United Kingdom
Excellent site for an ancient game. RA deserves such coverage. Keep it up, there's still a community out there!
18 April 2005, 13:40:39 +0300
From: Sydney, Australia
Sure its now low res, and many more advanced games have come and gone...
but it is the ONLY game I still play since getting my first Windows 9x system in 1997. That is the magic of Red Alert.
18 April 2005, 20:43:44 +0300
Red Alert is still my favorite strategy game. Though there are newer ones which look better but none of them brings such a magic with it like RA. I'm still playing it on lan (win98) and it'll surely be part of my next lan. I still make some maps for it. Maybe you'd like to check them. You can find them at my hp
Keep this fantastic game alive !
20 April 2005, 17:29:16 +0300
From: LA, ger
I want to thank you that much creating such a great page for such a great game.
It's just cool to see how many ppl play it although it is about 10 (!) years old which is in today's - think about the most softwareproductcycles - an eon, isn't it?
keep this brilliant piece of passion up
I'll come back again (:
21 April 2005, 19:51:43 +0300
DarkPriest AKA AWanderingPriest
From: omaha, usa
this site is the most awsome resource i have ever come acrossed. i absolutely love it here
8 May 2005, 08:15:59 +0300
Gen. Ray
This site rocks!!!! It is by far the best and most indepth RA1 site i have ever seen. keep it up.
9 May 2005, 12:53:21 +0300
Uncle Bill
RA1 rules! It rules! This website is ok too
13 May 2005, 08:12:36 +0300
From: West Valley City , Utah, USA
Awesome Game, Thats for Sure !!! Anybody Ready for ACTION...
16 May 2005, 10:23:11 +0300
From: Moscow, Russia
Two days played on end, and in fact how many new toys. Game on always!!!
29 May 2005, 13:54:53 +0300
Thats the coolest site for C&C RA i ever found.
I often played RA on lans and it's still one of the best games ever, because you can modify it easily.
Great site with overwhelming masses of informations and tools^^.Thanks for all of this.
29 May 2005, 14:26:29 +0300
From: Glos, Uk
it took me a while to find yer site agen but i found it and 1 year later its still kickin ass! rite on peeps keep the site goin!
30 May 2005, 16:18:50 +0300
Hi, Awesome site you have! :)
I love the FullRA you have :D btw do you have FullCC too? :P :P (Command & Conquer)
3 June 2005, 12:51:30 +0300
Lt.Commondore Sluchka
From: Moskow, Russia
Red Alert - rulezzz [8-P]
14 June 2005, 12:34:45 +0300
From: Guangzhou, China
HELLO~~~!!! I come from Guangzhou,China...
23 years ago..
super Red alert 95 fan........
I have ICQ,but it is easy to offline in China...
nice to meet you,everybody........
so many super superior of the red alert 95 in
chinese website................
can you play with Chinese players on the
chinese websites ?
if you want, you can send me my e-mail,I will
tell you how to do......................OK?
and I hope I can make Ra95's friends at this
20 June 2005, 05:39:00 +0300
From: colorado springs, USA
Great Site And Thank for the downloads tons of fun
25 June 2005, 13:33:28 +0300
From: swe
Finally got RA installed on XP after a bit work buit it sucks u cant play online! would like to know if there's some place u can complain, ww hasn't made a patch for xp, online!
Awesome page btw! :D
30 June 2005, 06:22:45 +0300
Pierre Curyman
From: Curyville, Pakistan
hi my name is piereeeee...i like red alert 2 and i am very good at it...i make many flak cannons and mass flak tracks to own in battle...if any one needs any tips from me, you can contact me...
ps. anthony eli + Jon = Redbecca
30 June 2005, 14:29:40 +0300
Will you upload the game's video files sometimes? I miss them a little while playing the campaign.
2 July 2005, 19:04:02 +0300
Romi Lifshits
From: Israel
Keep up the great work guys!
5 July 2005, 07:51:39 +0300
From: Manila, Philippines
It is very cool to have found your site, it's like I've duggged a goldmine. Keep up the great work you guys!
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