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21 October 2010, 08:38:20 +0300
DOA-Saint, AzN. Pride, ORA-Skillz
From: Spokane, USA
Man we need to have an old schoolers V3 rashdown fight or infantry wars with the T2's ;)
Aww the good old days. If any of you guys play ra2 or and cnc let me know! :)
Where you are faramir, preciousgem, and so many others..
30 November 2010, 01:44:29 +0200
From: Revelstoke, Canada
I love Red Alert and your website is the perfect place for info on the game! Thanks you so much for all your hard work.
18 December 2010, 20:40:32 +0200
Red Man
Thanks you very much for the site. Especially for the music. :)
27 December 2010, 18:58:24 +0200
From: Panevezys, Lithuania
Thank you for keeping this great resources page alive. Though it would be great to see new updates on site.
16 January 2011, 16:27:58 +0200
Gotta say, i used this site alot!
Glad that this site is still up.
29 April 2011, 08:10:33 +0300
Red Alan
From: UK
I'm sorry that the site is pretty much down. I love this game. I might do something about this.
1 September 2011, 17:42:35 +0300
The Last User
Good site, very useful, lots of resources.
Sad that its dead.
19 September 2011, 02:12:30 +0300
From: Scotland
I've popped onto the site many times over the past few years.
Perhaps you should add a section covering the "OpenRA" Project.
22 October 2011, 20:03:24 +0300
Field Commander A9
From: USA
I'm trying to throw together a tower defense map for RA1. Soviets vs. well defended Allied fortress. any suggestions?
25 October 2011, 03:44:21 +0300
From: Perth, Australia
Hi! Thanks for a great site. I wish I had internet back in the days when I played Red Alert as a kid. I've just downloaded it to play again for old times sake! I hope this site stays online because its a great read to bring back old memories.
7 December 2011, 06:41:22 +0200
James Pusey
From: Brisbane, Australia
I've been coming back to your site for years to get .ini files and such, and I must say it is sad to see the days of Red Alert, and indeed, quality RTS gaming gone by.
Any chance of an update or revival drive?
30 December 2011, 08:49:54 +0200
From: seattle, USA
this is sick, I just don't know where to find my rulse.ini file, but cool site my fam are major red alert 1 super stars!
23 July 2012, 07:22:08 +0300
Props, nice site, i've been using it for years every now and then...still playing 2012
30 July 2012, 02:27:32 +0300
From: Canada
Wow, I cant believe this website is still up and running! Incredible!
For anyone who reads this, I'm the guy that made the project revolution mod back in the day :D
14 December 2012, 05:39:59 +0200
Hey i just wanted to tell everyone on here that the queen ant structure CAN be built. i figured this out when i was 12 and it blew my mind at the time. Heres what you do : You complete the last ant mission and when you go back to the main menu select the one mission where you are the soviets and all the weapons are crazy strong, use the iron curtain on the broken chronosphere and TADA, queen ant.
10 January 2013, 05:50:43 +0200
Thanks for keeping this up, nice to be able to reread this stuff.
22 January 2013, 02:41:29 +0200
the one and only
Played red alert years and years i guess most of us did. just recently redownloaded it for laughs. epic game! downloaded the "Music of Red Alert" off this site. great upload and many thanks. what a blast from the past :D
13 February 2013, 02:35:12 +0200
Cole The Man
From: Mortown, United States
This site was so very helpful, thanks!!!!
18 May 2013, 12:54:53 +0300
It's astonishing to see this site is still active :D I visited it many a time over these past few years, collecting all assortments of mission packs and addons, together with delving into the various utilities on offer.

I would have been heartbroken if the site did indeed close as it's the only RA site I know which has the most up to date info and the greatest collection of custom content.

Great to see you back Razor 8)
21 May 2013, 01:32:01 +0300
I'm glad you're back! I was worried you were in an APC transported by Chronosphere.
30 May 2013, 02:52:34 +0300
Alley (T_Alj5)
From: Estonia
Hi! :)

I am one who have visited this site quite often. This site have quite a lot of good stuff and it have helped me in creating my own mission originally...
The reason why I write here is that there are missions, maps, campaigns etc. by several people. I would like to see also my own campaign in this site but I don't see any upload button or link. However, there are campaigns by several people...

By the way, good work with this Estonian map for Red Alert. :D
3 June 2013, 04:46:41 +0300
Alley (T_Alj5)
From: Estonia
Oh... I think, I didn't noticed "Upload your stuff" link under the "ExtRA!" section before. :P
5 June 2013, 12:32:49 +0300
From: Belgium
Hi, also big fan of RA!!
... But have you never heard of FULLRA??
This is a complete free version of Red Alert C&C.
You can change rules.ini there too, super.
It is an out of the box (no installer or cd needed) version
of RA 95. Love it. Also online game, aftermath,etc are included..!!

18 June 2013, 13:39:19 +0300
From: Australia
This site is wonderful, still my favorite source of ra95 mods.
29 June 2013, 11:18:38 +0300
From: Split, Croatia
Glad to see you live and kicking again. Welcome back to the C&C community :)
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