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13 July 2013, 19:33:16 +0300
My buddies and I just got back into RA when we learned it was free. You have a great website. I realize it's a hobby but it is very thorough. Well done.
25 July 2013, 22:49:27 +0300
From: CZECH republic
RED ALERT :-D yes this site is super, this game is a best ...
3 August 2013, 11:13:34 +0300
I have to say welcome back I enjoy this site because it caters to every need I require for red alert. cheers RA Afraid your the best
18 August 2013, 16:35:35 +0300
From: Canada
I absolutely love that the RA Archive is still alive and kicking! Thanks for keeping it going RaZor!

I'm tempted to reinstall RA and give my old mod (Revolution) a try again... I think its celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

28 September 2013, 21:51:29 +0300
Holy crap, I, on a whim, reinstalled red alert - one of my favorite games from childhood, and I did a google search to help me remember the names of all my old favorite skirmish maps and found this website - nice work I'll be poking around quite a lot :D
30 September 2013, 08:42:54 +0300
From: Poland
RaZoR, you save my life! One of the best fansite for old game all over the world! And the best for Red Alert!

Impressive work RaZoR, thanks too for non-active staff! RWP, PuMa, Robert, Aaro, MadeMan

May the Mammoth tanks be with you!

PS: RA fans! Good job to need donate!
6 December 2013, 03:55:26 +0200
Love your site! Downloaded a bunch of cool maps! Look forward to playing online my user name is Fan1
9 December 2013, 12:49:00 +0200
Hey, very cool site! When you've new information, I would appreciate a mail to :) thanks in advance! Jacky
10 January 2014, 11:33:13 +0200
Keep up the great work :)
24 March 2014, 00:24:28 +0200
From: UK
Hey! What John said!

Me and a bunch of pals have also just restarted playing after we learnt we could play online for free.

Great job.

You should keep it going!

Team Ironfur
7 April 2014, 05:35:42 +0300
Happy Guest :D
From: (((BTW, I will gladly maintain site if asked)))
One tiny piece of information that has to be added, in regards to country bonuses!

England: 10% more armor
Germany: 10% more damage
France: 10% faster rate of fire
Spain: 10% more armor, damage, and speed for infantry
Russia: 10% cheaper (but not faster to build)
Ukraine: 10% faster speed
Turkey: 10% faster building time
Greece: 10% longer range
22 April 2014, 14:46:51 +0300
From: Ireland
My favourite site for everything Red Alert lots of useful and fun resources to shape Red Alert the way you want it to be. 10/10
10 May 2014, 20:54:47 +0300
Silent Running
From: Silent Running
thank you for your website, it is very educational on the subject of red alert.
20 May 2014, 22:04:22 +0300
From: Canada
WoW! love this site. I cant believe its still running. I still use it!!
9 June 2014, 06:11:10 +0300
From: Canada
I recommend trying to reach out to the social public more. Twitter in particular, should make a core of collected RA1 activity other than OpenRA.
18 September 2014, 20:17:04 +0300
From: Turkey
My favorite RA site, Im still playing and modding my ra game and thanks to this site, its very useful when Im modding my game. Several maps,units and various things you can find it in here. I wish I can share my modded game in here :)
23 September 2014, 23:01:42 +0300
From: Ukraine
I know this game about 12 years, but i found your site just recently. And i should say it is the best collection of useful materials for RA that i have ever seen. Thank you that you are still hosting it, it really helped me a lot! Also this is a favorite game of my brother, we still play it (almost 18 years later from the release) and surely will play in the future too!
17 October 2014, 05:30:51 +0300
From: California
18 November 2014, 05:10:47 +0200
From: Chrono Compendium
Can't believe you revived the IncREDible ALERT fansite here. Just amazing. This was one of my inspirations for the Chrono Compendium; I wanted to create a complete archive for the Chrono series like this.
4 December 2014, 08:42:30 +0200
Larry Lamb
Just found your site. I have been playing RA since it came out. I have played it everyday (almost). Although I have played every game at least once, I have settled down to one game. It is the Frost Bitten game in the mega addition. It is like checkers. Each game is different. I'll check out your site. Glad to see others share my RA passion! thanks
1 January 2015, 13:43:59 +0200
Charly Shitcreek
Nice site :) Love RA1
25 February 2015, 00:03:11 +0200
you have the best redalert 1 site on the internet keep up the good job

13 May 2015, 02:44:22 +0300
Manis Carman
Im am from lavia. This is really nice guestbook i love it. Nice site in general. My yahoo manis.carman if anyone wants to play.

Es runaju latviski.
Also i speak english.
15 June 2015, 22:47:34 +0300
From: Canada
Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that I am very pleased that this site is still up. Keep up the good work!

Also I am JustinYD88 on CNCNet.

12 July 2015, 01:52:37 +0300
From: California
Damn, can't believe this site is still up. Great job dude. This really lets me relive my glory days ha.
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