There are now hundreds of home-made single player missions available for Red Alert. These have beenmade by people who want to add a bit more to Red Alert. Some missions arevery similar to playing a Skirmish game against the computer and are not what I would consider a real 'mission'. However, many missions are better than those by Westwood and really are worth playing.
Some people make a collection of their missions and make a campaign out of them. There may be a few smaller campaigns available here, but the larger ones usually have their own homepage. The creators of these deserve credit and you should visit their page to find out the latest information and details about their campaign.

If you know any good single player missions please send them to us.

To use these files:
Click on the filename of the file you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive. Unzip the contents into a directory using PeaZiplink icon utility which can be freely downloaded. Find and read the readme file for any extra instructions. Usually you should put all unzipped files in Red Alert directory!

15.1 kb
Wulf Die Hard5
Side: Allies
Add-on required: none
Date added: 03-Feb-2014
Author: Paul Molyneux
Staff rating: n/a
Description: In the mission you have to repair your battered Construction yard very quickly and get rid of the soviets.
2.2 kb
WWF: No mercy
Side: Allies
Add-on required: none
Date added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Chris
Staff rating: n/a
Description: This Red Alert mission is loosly based on WWF: NO mercy. Any hardcore WWF fan will love this mission. Created by, Chris ''
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