This section houses "all" avaible editors and utilities for Red Alert.. Once downloaded and installed, you can change many things in the game. For example, you can change the price of a building or unit, the strength, the speed of an unit, the weapons of an unit and many, many more things like that.

To use these files:
Click on the filename of the file you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive. Unzip the contents into a directory using PeaZiplink icon utility which can be freely downloaded. Find and read the readme file for any extra instructions. Usually you should just click on a file called Install.exe or Setup.exe

Note about MS-DOS utilities:
MS-DOS software will not run on modern PC's with modern OS (especially on 64-bit OS). To run MS-DOS utilities on modern PC you may need DOSBoxlink icon or a similar MS-DOS emulator and basic knowledgelink icon of MS-DOS operating system.

211.4 kb
RULES.INI Extractor
OS: Windows
Date Added: 19-Mar-2003
Author: Burton Tsang
Description: RULES.INI Extractor can extract the RULES.INI file from the Red Alert game series by Westwood. It was created because I wasn't sure that the RULES.INI files I downloaded off the Internet were the original values in the game. Also, RA2 Supported!
955.8 kb
Unit Creator
OS: Windows
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: TegoSoft Inc.
Description: With the Red Alert Unit Creator you can edit everything in Red Alert! Create new Units or buildings with awesome graphic! The Unit Creator comes with many ready-to-use graphics of new units, buildings and projectiles. Also you may need a Red Alert Library Files (RAL in short). You can get them from here.
150.5 kb
VQA-AVI Converter
OS: Windows
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Tim Kosse
Description: VQA-AVI was originally mentioned to convert the VQA movies of most Westwood games into playable AVI files.
327.4 kb
VQA-AVI2 v1.35
OS: Windows
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Tim Kosse
Description: New version of VQA-AVI Coverter, added support for AUD-files and MIX-files. This utility can now convert MIX-files into ZIP-files.
980.2 kb
Westwood Bot v2.2
OS: Windows
Date Added: 19-Mar-2003
Author: unknown
Description: Tools for Westwood Chat, Built-in Browser, Game Forcer, and Toolbar. With the game forcer you can play custom maps in tournament channels. Also you may need VB6 runtime libraries.
16.3 kb
Westwood Chat server emulator
OS: n/a
Date Added: 30-Jun-2013
Author: Matthias Lorenz
Description: A cross-platform Westwood Chat server emulator written in Java. It supports TD, Sole Survivor, and of course Red Alert! Requires Java Runtime v5 to run and "hosts" file editing (you need to redirect and hostnames to your server ip) on client side to connect. For expirienced users only!
2,118.4 kb
Westwood Chat v4.221E
OS: Windows
Date Added: 19-Mar-2003
Author: Westwood Studios
Description: You need this tool to play in RA1 online with other players...
1,215.3 kb
XCC Utilities
OS: Windows
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Olaf van der Spek
Description: This archive contains XCC AV Player, XCC Mixer, XCC TMP Editor and XCC MIX Editor. They're put together because they depend on each other. This is extremely good to view MIX files in any C&C games, looking at the structure of the game.
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