This is section contains various Red Alert Modifications or Conversions. If you want your MOD(s) included here, please email to us or upload on our pub ftp.

To use these files:
Click on the filename of the file you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive. Unzip the contents into a directory using PeaZiplink icon utility which can be freely downloaded. Find and read the readme file for any extra instructions. Usually you should put all unzipped files in Red Alert directory!

9,218.7 kb
Third Revolution v1.01 (in russian language)
Add-on required: n/a
Date Added: 16-Mar-2003
Author: Red Warrior
Description: Incredible mod includes 2 campaings with 10 mission per campaign, and tons of new units. Note, RA not needed to play this mod!
1,926.5 kb
Tiberium Wars - Armegeddon
Add-on required: Aftermath
Date Added: 17-Mar-2003
Author: Rob Nickel
Description: The beta test version of the new mod Tiberium Wars Armegeddon. Not even close to finished.
2,456.6 kb
Total Chaos v7.0 beta
Add-on required: n/a
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Alvin Tar
Description: In this conversion you will see tons of incredible never-seen before units/structures (including the SSM Launcher, MiG 29 Fulcrum, Demolition Man, Recon Bike, Watch Tower, C&C Airfield, Water Tower, and more), more challenging artificial intelligence (playing in skirmish is much more challenging than before), 5 new different sides (play as U.S.A., G.D.I, Russia, Nod or Rebels), and new Tiberium instead of ore.
1,483.5 kb
UltimaRA beta
Add-on required: n/a
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Kamika_Z
Description: New features include (but not limited to): New radar screens; tons of new images and sounds (including the Orca Mark II, Electric AA Guns, Tiberian Sun Harvester, and tons more); available for both multiplay and skirmish modes; never before seen icon and in-game text changes! Due to technical difficulties, this beta version has been discontinued.
1,002.6 kb
Ultimate Retaliation
Add-on required: Aftermath
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: FlameWolf
Description: New original units include the Drone Attacker, SAU Magician, Advanced VTOL, HAMIT (Heavily Armed Mobile Invincible Tank), LAC VTOL, and much more; while the structures include such as the Laser Fighter Uplink and Thunder Tower (and more). New tactics are also introduced.
4,042.1 kb
Wars Xtreme
Add-on required: n/a
Date Added: 01-Apr-2003
Author: Robert Nickel
Description: Wars Xtreme is an older mod that never released for download. You can get it now! It takes the best of C&C original and ads additional Ion and Chemical weapons. A must have for anyone who likes mods.
880.2 kb
Wicked v1.8
Add-on required: n/a
Date Added: 23-Apr-2000
Author: Eric Wojan
Description: This adds new things such as the Chrono-Tower, Chrono-tank, Tesla Trooper and Tank, Water mine, Air strike, and much more. It puts more strategy into the game. It is for Win95 only, and requires the 1.07e or 1.08spec version of RA.
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