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Players: 2-4
Dimensions: 96 x 96
Theater: SNOW
Date added: 26-Jan-2014
Author: Matt Sontum aka Digital Messiah
Land ratio: 63%
Water ratio: 37%
Valuables: 500,375
Units on map: no
Rules mods: no
Triggers: no
Description: The dark side to my original island, this island is split into two halves connected by two bridges. Favors the allies as always, every base is vulnerable to chronoshifted cruisers. Players who have played against me on it say the starting areas are still unbalanced. However in multi player, some areas are easy to defend, others are closer to ore deposits but can be attacked from all sides. Roughly half a million credits on the board so don’t go crazy in 8 person. 96x96. Best for 4 person multi player.
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