This section houses map packs for use in Red Alert multiplayer games against the computer in Skirmish mode or against other human opponents. Most of the maps are in zipfiles to make it easier and faster to download.
Note: some maps have alterations built in to change characteristics of some units / structures!

To use these maps:
Click on the filename of the map zipfile you want and choose a place to download it on your hard drive. If the map has a .mpr extension instead of a .zip extension then you need to download it by clicking on the link.
Unzip the map(s) you want to your main Red Alert directory (usually C:\WESTWOOD\REDALERT). This can be done using PeaZiplink icon utility which can be downloaded for a free trial period.

This is not necessary for maps which are not zipped up (ie those which already have a .mpr extension). You can now start up Red Alert and choose the map(s) to play on from the list of maps in the multiplayer settings. Note, if you have several maps in your directory, Red Alert can take longer to load up (although it does not affect the gameplay). If you wish to remove maps simply delete or rename files ending with a .mpr extension.

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